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Season. And honestly i would I'd stack all the scenes with Driven and albrecht up against each other and put them in watch them in chronology and just enjoy the growth of that relationship for me. It was very special. And i think the actress did a terrific job with us. That was one of the things that you did very well was to have their whole growth that way instead of just you know two seconds like you see in a lot of tv series. You gotta mainly sagoes. Everybody's has to get along right away right. And like in the beginning albrecht. There was one scene. He sees them outside the nightclub and they just there was a little. They were just still feeling each other out. You know and i like that. That was very face it. That's what would happen if i met someone today. Who said i've come back from the dead. I would have a hard time believing that. I'd have to ask myself. I'd i'd have to rule out every other rational possibility before. I could even consider that. And albrecht being a cop with would really have to do that. And he also has lieutenants to answer to right people like that so he had a really interesting problem and then about halfway through the season after all breakfast signed on and had to realize that driven was pretty much. The real deal. We needed a new skeptic so we gave them a partner and we brought in the jessica capshaw character not capture jessica. I you know what this goes to prove how long it's role the cash. But yeah i. I like that. I liked his character a lot. In and the fact that he also had to deal with his His report girlfriend to that certainly made it a very interesting dynamic and they had some nice scenes to start the series off. That were cool. I like that when he would come home tired and you know he. He couldn't explain to her what he just experienced that day. Not at all. Yeah and let's face it. You really don't have any choice when you're doing tv series you've got to fill that forty five minutes per episode sure noncommercial time and and program time and figure out what to do with it and since fights are enormously time consuming it can't all be a fight It's got to be people dealing with The the the sort of issues that affect that would affect them but are feeling was to stay true to the spirit of the The crow ask ourselves. What really happened to eric driven. If he'd come back and then take him on that journey. We'll be back with more sifi talk in just a moment if you're looking for a better way to present or collaborate during your conference calls. Your solution is simple. Web conferencing with goto meeting during your call. Everyone logs on to go to meeting. Dot com and your computer screen shows up on their computer screens. It's like you're all in the same room. Goto meeting is perfect for sales or product demos training or real time collaboration. Plus you're not charged per minute like other providers. You can meet as often as you want as long as you need would go to meeting. You can meet with anyone anywhere without leaving your office. You're not only save time but money to see for yourself. Try goto meeting free for forty five days visit goto meeting dot com forward slash podcast. That's goto meeting dot com forward slash. Podcast dry goto meeting today. Hi i'm mari code. I'm a composer on who and i'm talking to sifi tool like several iconic images from the crow like that one scene where he's lying down on the in the in the room and there's like candles on the shape of a crow around the beautifully done. I really like that. And then something that you and mark talked about in the In the commentary in the first episode with a beautiful green tint where he went after heat lands and he gets up and he even made a point of saying his arms or spread out almost like wings beautifully. Done that's That we We have to say is just one of the best at to me. I still get goosebumps whenever i see that. But you're right. I'm glad you highlighted. Also the scene where he's laying down with surrounded by the candles of the the crow for both of those were attempts to just say you don't have to have a hundred million dollars to make something that's cool too. You can think of the images and think the conflicts in as you know creative way as possible and still get a lot of bang for the buck and there's two two images that would stand up in virtually any feature film version of a crow that you might ever do. Oh yeah absolutely absolutely another thing. That i liked was what i call. Crow vision where you would actually see through the crow itself and now interesting. He actually became a character himself. The spirit crow feeling was the crow was a you know a guide if you will that stayed with driven and then a lot of this is just where you sit with. Something long enough. And you're not doing the one shot of the feature and you're really trying to expand the franchise and you have to ask yourself how things really work. Or what is there a new way that i can look at this. That it gives us another tool in our arsenal. And the idea that you bring up of the crow vision is is exactly that if eric driven and the spirit crow were somehow psychically bonded. Why wouldn't driven who is already undid character if you will be able to to make use of the very visions that the crow has yeah. That's and that gave him and it was a a superpower if you will. That wasn't that super but was very mysterious. Absolutely helpful made added a lot to the series by having him The way he would turn up and you know you would see things and he'd always always be a hint of something that we're going to happen too so absolutely so it was. It was great to incorporate that we also did what you know. As long as you're talking about the The crow vision. The other thing that we tried to do is the whole. Use of these empathic flashes. The idea driven had some kind of psychic connection when he when he actually touched an object. That had been near the the force field if you will of of whatever. The action was that that allowed him to experience that The one rule we had for it though was he could never experience such a flash in any way that that identified what the problem was. It had the only deepen the problem. So for example there have been shows on. I'm not gonna pick on the my name right now but there are certain psychic detective shows that are on tv right now. Well i have literally seen the main character Pick up something and see a magazine and read the address office and to me that is a viable at least for our series. That would have been a huge violation. That would have been cut as the first moment because that just makes it too much too easy better for us for driven to get an image and then not know what it means exactly even at one point. There's an episode where all bread comes to them and says do that thing you do and hands him a piece of evidence and expects driven to have a a psychic flash and and give him a lead and driven says. It's not like you know a faucet. I can't turn it on and off exactly right and occasionally he will. The crow will kind of send him something he'll get like.

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