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Forty catcher WLKY forecast I'm Abalos today a light rain in town in thirty six our top story president trump wasting no time bringing up his impeachment at the national prayer breakfast in Washington this morning my family our great country and your president have been put through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt people the president making a not so veiled jab at congressional lawmakers like house speaker Nancy Pelosi who voted to impeach him she too was at the prayer breakfast the Senate acquitted president trump yesterday here he will make a statement at the White House at noon and you can hear it live here on news radio eight forty WHAS more Kentucky school districts are closed today because of widespread flew several dozen districts are closed they include Fayette County which cancel classes today and tomorrow other school districts that are closed for the rest of the week include Davis Parlin Jackson but governor you tailor a dare and Russell county I DO investigation could make parents think twice about which car seats they choose for their kids more from correspondent Peter king a New York family suing the makers of the even flow booster seat after side impact crash left their daughter paralyzed and on a ventilator the booster with the seat belt and not a harness met or exceeded safety standards but even flows own crash test video shows a test dummy being thrown like a toy Dr Ben Hoffman writes car seat recommendations to the American academy of pediatrics and there's no way I would want a child who I know or knew or loves to be put into a scenario like that even flow says the seat performed as designed Peter king's CBS news the rolling stones are coming to town Keith Richards and Mick Jagger announced the stones will do a fifteen city north American tour this year it includes a performance at cardinal stadium and lonely born June fourteenth can I we were just getting going and like we've got to continue this you know I'm looking for two months a lot of the city speech haven't been to for a long time so I'm looking forward to.

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