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The corner Really looks like an outside corner. But there's even some talk that he's got some positional flexibility and could play safety. Diani brown The wide receiver from north carolina picked in the third round. He can play on the outside. Which where. I expect him as the zemo. You know opposite terry maclaurin as the ex. But this guy's got position versatility He's also a guy that you can really incorporate into a lot of different things like the fly sweep game. John bates is a blocking tight end. But he's also a pass catching titan derek forces a special teams guy who looks mostly like. He's a safety no position. Versatility or flexibility with cameron cheesman. Cheesman za long snapper The rest of the guys to be honest with you not sure but the bottom line is they love you guys with character guys with good work ethic and guys with position versatility and they hit the clearly trying to increase team speed and one of the reasons for all of this is that they also are looking for guys that fit their system guys. That are smart. Guys that are flexible. That really can fit into their system in a number of places. Rivera's top that that was an emphasis in this draft. Thirdly the filled needs in this draft. I mean look at it. Linebacker left tackle cornerback wide receiver tight end. Those were the first five picks in the draft. What have we talk about. Needs going into this thing well. They needed a left tackle. They needed a linebacker. They could use another corner another wide receiver in another tight end. That was the first five picks they filled needs. Lastly there undrafted free agents. They signed one undrafted. Free agent now part of that is likely because of the limited pool of legitimate draftable players this year. that probably had a lot to do with it The player they added though is jarrett patterson. He was one of the running backs that i really liked going into this draft. When i saw that they had signed him. I was very excited. I think jarrett patterson actually can make this football team. He's five nine about one ninety somewhere around there. He played for the university of buffalo. One of the one of those guys that you saw a lot of action. Tuesday night wednesday night games He is a tough inside runner with incredible quick feet and great vision but he is explosive as hell to he can really really move and run. I think you know between barber and miller. And patterson that's gonna be sort of the mix in the backups to mckissic and gibson gibson mckissic or the obvious top two backs on this team and then if it's just one more back after that it'll be between the three of them for one spot. If it's two backs you'll get two of the three. I like lamar miller a lot. And i thought peyton barber on there's real recognition from this coaching staff of inside the tackle guys with really good vision. Cas barbara has it so does so does jarrett patterson all right a couple of things on each one of these picks. James davis we talked about on friday. I i'll just say what i said on friday. I gotta trust ron rivera and jack del del. Rio two guys who played linebacker. Who know linebacker. I've got to trust that. They feel like they got a guy who is their answer at middle linebacker eventually. Not that he will start there He's got positional versatility and flexibility. Again that you know when boston's gone davis is the middle backer and maybe he starts as the will as the weakside. Linebacker with coal holcomb Playing on the other side Said cosmi. i'm not sure what some of you are thinking when you tweeted me and said oh is slow. He's not athletic. he's the opposite of that. He's very athletic. Sam cosmi to me is a very exciting pick. And i would be surprised if they don't think he is the starting left tackle right now. He's gotta earn it you know but they drafted him. He was one of the players. Ben stanbic told us that they would be targeting in the second round and they got him They got him at their spot at fifty one in the second round. Me is a big big dude at six six. Three hundred and fifteen pounds. He is super athletic The one thing you might not love is he's not one of these violent you know. Finish off block. You know dr guy into a turf kind of a situation but his athleticism is length is size will be Something that they think they picked him in the second round now. This isn't city charles in the fourth round. Now some people think charles had a first round talent level but had some issues in washington took a chance on him last year. remember but caused me. I think has a chance to start As the left tackle hill obviously battle christian. And lucas for that spot but i think they believe they drafted their starting left tackle. Whether it's in week one or week five. It's going to be early. Benjamin saint juice cornerback. Minnesota i watch minnesota a few times this year I watched him against maryland. I didn't know who this guy was watching the tape. What's obvious about him. He fits washington's profile along armed press coverage corner taller longer armed physical but he can run too smart really smart leader. All of those things came into play with saint juice. If you watch him he's a little hansie you know in in some of the highlights stuff But you see a guy that can really make plays in. These are the kinds of corners. They want they don't want to sit back ten yards off the ball third around eighty two overall brown. I told you this was one of the two receivers that they really liked. Elijah moore was the other. They weren't going to get more. They got diabe. Brown deer brown is going to potentially come in right away and be a significant contributor week one. He could be the starting z. Opposite terry maclaurin is the ex With curtis samuel and humphries you know as the next two guys you know could be samuel out there and but you're going to see a lot of diani brown. I can just tell you. The offensive coaches loved. This player loved him John bates the tight end from boise in the fourth round I didn't know anything about him. I watched probably like you. Did i read like a lot of you. Did what struck me and watching this kid is. He's got great hands. Great hands great soft hands could commit catches like tight ends. Do and traffic like big tight ends. Do in traffic. I think it's sort of An interesting pick because they don't have any depth at tight end. There's just no depth there with washington at tight end behind logan thomas. I did think it was very funny on the nfl network when Washington drafted bates Somebody in the nfl network. I'm forgetting who it is now immediately. Put up the nfl comp as jeremy sprinkle. He doesn't look like jeremy sprinkled to me on the highlight reel. He looks like a much more fluid tight end now. They say he blocks really well and that he was more of a safety valve in the past offense. But i saw a guy that looks like he can get down the field and be a big target with a really really nice hands as well After bates they they selected derek force to safety in the fifth round From what i've been told they think this guy's got a chance to push app key As a backup safety in as as a special teamer he was a very good special teams player for them. We talked about cheesman in the sixth round. The seventh rounders william bradley king the linebacker. Shocker tony the defensive end in dax melnea the wide receiver. I can just tell you. I do know tony's game a little bit having watched a lot of penn state football. This is a six foot three two hundred and forty five pound quick twitch athletic pass rusher now does he make the team in front of What's his face the nc state guy from last year. Whose name escapes me. james smith williams Is he does. He have a chance to take over. You know for casey. To hill is an outside. Backer backing holcomb remember ryan kerrigan. Still out there. I'm not going to be surprised if ryan kerrigan is signed But those three seven rounders. Obviously they got a seventh rounder last year and curl but in a deeper draught. My favorite pick of this draft is the diani brown pick. He's the player that i was told a couple of weeks ago allies. You're more yami brown. A few other receivers that they really liked. But they that the coaches were in love with the army brown. There were several people that that thought he could potentially go end of first round Brown is a bigger receiver at six one. Six one and a half four four speed Really excellent catching contested. Balls for north carolina from sam how who is projected first round pick. Maybe a top..

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