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There's an endless series of social experiments in porn is another one morning. I know in the seventies for us to get porn. I mean it was just a mad search for like three or four magazines with some boobs in it yeah. Oh my God and that was that was it and now you in your pocket supercomputer. There's you can have a donkey face fucking Romanian because we become novelty addicts. It's not just sex becomes. It's nothing we have straight people watching gay porn because the taboo turns them on so. I mean like what where does lead yeah but also the mirror but to continue with the marijuana when like it's like all of a sudden let's just legalize it and must be okay and you can't. Od Marijuana but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily league good for you and I've met a number of marijuana addicts ten fifteen years out of using marijuana that are just their lives Iraq and he the same thing about about alcohol. I suppose but I worry for you. Youngins and you millennials that have just had kind of unlimited distraction action unlimited porn unlimited nicotine and unlimited unlimited marijuana but it actually is a spiritual issue because it goes back to the idea that everything you need is outside of. You and it's all about sense gratification. y'All sense. Gratification is a fucking fool's errand. That's what I'm saying like. Finding Bliss in the inherent inherent stillness of being is the only game in town. I don't care how you symbolize it. How you worship at how you practice that's the only game in town because if you just go around trying to feel good to anesthetize you're fucked and that's the story we're being sold. Get rich get a bunch of we get a bunch of booze. Get a bunch of whatever you're attracted to and guess what you're GonNa. Wake up and just be like what is this. Russell brand talks about this so articulate. Sorry Okay No. I hadn't been silly for a while. yeah bring it up the but his he's got a great book called recovery and also all all the ways we try our selves numb escape anesthetize and a lot of it is stuff to its shopping. That's right but that's why Eker Tony says like when a kid when you take something coming from a kid and they scream it's because we have this part of our brain that believes this is. My coffee becomes part of our identity. Even porn is an identity issue. It reinforces the idea that you exist that you're real. This turns me on something is happening. I'm coming I exist. It's an identity thing it's because we're so afraid of who we are when all that stuff goes away and then you're getting drunk and you're seeing how drunk am. I getting high. I am I it's just somebody said all of humanity's problems stem from the fact that you can not sit quietly in a room and I was like that's fucking a mother fucking it Wilson Twenty nineteen he he just setup I deal. I struggle with that I do too. Why do you think I got so worked up. I don't I certainly struggle with if anything that Medicaid Nesta ties as me but I also struggle with the fact that you know being celebrity being an actor kind of trying to get fame fame now. I never tried to get famous but I tried to get to be successful as an actor like I never do anything for myself. You know I don't write poetry that no one's GonNa read read. You know I don't I do meditate because it quells my anxiety and it gives me sharper clearer focus throughout the day so there's there's a cost benefit analysis to it but I don't do do anything like make pottery or I hear people talking about like yeah. I just love gardening for the sake of itself itself. I like gardening. You like planting lanting things in scraping dirt rain when seeds in dirt and then no one even sees it and when I went to the park right by your house because I was early and I looked at a tree and activities like dropped the label right don't label at a tree just look at it without thinking about it and just experienced the tree and it was beautiful it was it was rapturous. It was wonderful and then there's this voice in my head going after the podcast. You don't really have anything you would come back and look at the you know what I mean. I'm like just look at the tree now aw like everything has to be like land to really like it. Later motherfucker dislike it. Now it's happening now. That's a thief. That's a thief thief of joy that's right and but also that happens to me. I had a couple free hours yesterday and I just laid on the couch in my office when I was like for nothing. Nothing just look at the light look at the room. Let it come in. That's I can't do the you know I can't do that you. That's what I'm saying. I can't do it. I really struggle with that. The reason I told you that I did it was because it doesn't have to be as sexiest gardening in in fact I would say that the the wrote flow of gardening could just be like it's like the guy that climbed Free Solo. I was like hey wanted to show his brain off. It's it's just another way of meditating It's a moving meditation. That's not as romantic I think as you were saying the guy who climbed that mountain he could have just laid on his couch and looked at dust motes in the air absolutely but I I think his brain is like look at the interview. It's trending towards the relational. That's a guy that needs to shut his brain off and it's like the only thing that's going to get me away from myself as risking my life. I need to I need the focus. That's why I totally says we love Marcus. West break and in order to like follow what I'm saying. You need to really really devote it close attention to what are you going to miss that and that's meditation. He's really good that you should have your own youtube. Everyone I was saying some bullshit but it pinpoints your attention. It draws in your gardening distraction world. That's right yeah so people that are watching some are. It's not just like it's not a new new thing. It's like an IT's a new way of doing. What Meditation is what mindfulness is. What presence is but we have to trick ourselves into doing it because like you said I have nine billion hours streaming but come shots in my phone yeah at the point of a button crazy yeah all right. You're out of time. You're out. Lock your time and everyone does the cow. Say what was your song again cow. I think the answer the phone cow giving birth and it would be my friend and go. How did you know it was and I was like it took a chance. I did say did you. We should do a longest you make it weird. I feel like how we keep going. I gotta go you gotta go half an hour. You know okay well. We have the speed round and it'll take probably half. Let's do it in what is what is the greatest lesson. You were talking about all this great acting stuff you've done. I'm curious. What a great lesson. You've learned about acting as could be advice. Someone gave you or something that you figured out so. It's a story that I've that was pretty profound to me. which was that? I got cast in my first Broadway play. I was like twenty seven twenty eight and I put so much pressure on my shoulders that I sucked in that Broadway play and I thought oh I'm going to get a Tony nomination. I'm an at sign William William Morris Agency. I'm going to get a New York Times review all this pressure and it's all I could think about so it was not in the moment in nursing PA- character and I sucked and I was really bad out and you can find the reviews online and and when I came out of that and I I was a miserable experience. There's nothing worse than knowing you suck being being in play that you saw. Can you have to do it for two or three months. You have to go do eight shows a week and you know you're terrible inigo. Suck tonight and yeah and you can't get out. I got a little better. Everybody couldn't get out of really sucking because I hadn't rehearsed it right so when I and I was sobbing to my wife on the phone phone at night and it was it was a terrible terrible ordeal but when I got out of that I let go of trying to be something. I'm for someone else as an actor like I need to be myself. I'm weird. I have a long torso. I have a belly I get my clothes at thrift stores or I used to and this is who I am you know and I need to bring that into. Oh my work as an actor and I truly and I tell this story to tell a longer version of this story when I speak to young actors and stuff like that because my my greatest failure of my entire acting life to that point we can talk about the rocker. Being one of the worst movie box office is bomb of all time is that true yeah led to me playing Dwight because I embraced my inner weird and the and that allowed me to play those character those oddball characters and not really give a fuck what people the thought of me and opened the door for that my greatest success so my greatest quote unquote failure was actually like those tests and difficulties. You talked about suffering rain by one of my greatest sufferings. It was three months old yeah. It's like you have done stand up yeah. That's what stand ups have on actors is that I mean actors have plenty of suffering yeah. I didn't mean to put it that way. Yeah no no no we get our butts kicked him constant I still do I still got yeah. Last night wasn't great not great. I was doing and it was like Oh. Oh how do you feel like because people recognize you from TV now so it's a little different that they like you anyway. Because you're celebrity Pete Holmes a celebrity not Pete Holmes these struggling aspiring stand with Seinfeld says as you get thirty seconds of grace and then it's like okay. What do you say for me. Maybe ten seconds. There's not people that are just there. If Pete Holmes these great he could say anything. I love his podcast a Stephen so great on crashing yeah. Maybe it's my show. There's a bigger cushion but I was guessing on someone else's show there wasn't as much electricity yeah for sure yeah and I realized how much coasting on that electricity are relying on. It and that's what that's what it's like. When you're building in new hours you sort of need your fans to help you make that our and then you go and bring it to other other people in when it stronger now part of me wants to quit acting. There's part of me. I was talking to a bunch of people about they want to go to divinity school. I WANNA WANNA go get a masters degree in and leave it behind but then I'm too scared to do that and the money's too good enacting yeah really well yeah the what did you learn with the rocker. After the offense. The rocker was mid office. It was like during season three or four of the office office and you know we were really taking off. We were getting. I was getting Emmy Award nominations that I did not win. Oh you get back. Yeah it is. This is this egotistical of me. No one really sees it because no lead God's cert. Yeah you get a nomination certificate. I got three of them lost to Jeremy Piven the pips. There's a joke here in search of let's let the listener insert their own joke. Let's leave a moment of silence so odds there. We go and we're back so I had this you know the they was Steve. Grell had a big movie career and John. Krasinski was acting movies in Jenin everyone and so I had a shot and there was this terrific script the rocker it was a relief fund quirky. you know studio low budget studio comedy. I think we shot the whole thing for like thirteen million dollars in Toronto and they could chew Hornet in right before me coming back for the next season to the office and and they did it was a great cast. Emma stone was in it. Bradley Cooper was in it. Fred Armistice Josh Gad had a you know so many great Jane Lynch so many great actors in it and Demetri Martin and and it was a fun little movie but it was they had four different release dates for it and the kept moving when it was going to get release and they just dumped it and Labor Day weekend and it got bad reviews and they they they put it out like two thousand screens and you know if you look like like box office. Mojo you can look at like how much money it made her screen and it was like thirty seven dollars per screen or something like that and it was at the time one of the biggest box office bombs in Hollywood history well. It's now been eclipsed by about three hundred other movies as people it was kind of right at that time when people are starting to not go to movies anymore and just but that was brutal man it was it was brutal. This was like well you all. I was so wrapped in my ego so wrapped in my Saturday. Komo Satan insistent self this is it is going to put me on the map..

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