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They just they were so happy buying and just to see that joy because his life shows are incredibly joyful for the most bear a little times he knows when to bring it up and bring it in the bank but There was just such joy bodies. It was like you know i. I've adventure this multiple times on the podcast. And i know you've listened to a fair sodas and by the way thank you you sent a very wonderful email saying how much you enjoyed the show. And that's how we connected but I do think that during the river tour in two thousand sixteen they. There was an awareness that the road behind them as longer than the road. In front of them there is a finite amount of time left where they will get to play together. And i do think that there is a sense of joy that they are enjoying every moment on stage that they are getting to perform and So i do think that what i love. The idea lee is you. And i won't put words in your mouth you've been able to share three shows with the three most important people in your life totally your mother your father and then your lovely bride. No you've summed up really well just say and my wife i think was so bristles like my number one number two is probably mike and stevie next and She's she's bored. And i almost of hearing me constantly talk about fight terrorism And then it was dot show and seeing brisk That she totally goes jeff han. She was converted on. I think again Sort of like the lyrics and the poetry. He played jungle on that night. As a as a request on jungle was like in my list of songs that i needed to see life right and She knew high spatial. That was for me and i think again. Just his writing within the site streets on fire. A real death waltz catholic against the subpoenas to you. Know you're you're totally correct type shared with happiness important people. That's that's that's great. That's that's wonderful so.

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