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Pelissero covers the nfl he asked devonta freeman if the dante hightower the the set that and that was really a big and a pivotal point a game where they the sack fumble in which matt ryan fumble the ball after the sack by dante hightower and it seem like there was a blown a blown call they're like somebody missed the assignment and a lot of people figure that was devonta freeman and so tom pelissero also of usa today said in talking to two to don supreme devonta freeman on the strip sack freeman said no won't give details just keeps saying high were hightower made a play so he wouldn't you would make knowledge of that was his guy in the protection there and then when kyle shanahan was asked about it kyle shanahan said that yes that actually was devonta freeman sky hasn't gotten to talk to him yet matt was expecting him to come by and be picked up so already some disagreements and fighting about teddy protection issues there and that really man that was a big moment in the game because it it that momentum started to switch in that game and and be a lot but make a lot of people blow in think i was just momentum what's the big deal the patriots look really rattled early on especially in the first half after the pick six especially after the league era blonde fumble and after that turnover at that point the game atlanta was never the same and so devonta freeman getting a lot he for blown cover blown protection there and let me explain why why i know that's the case okay a lot of times you watch the game of football is they analyst you can always say oh i know hundred percent this is what you know was going to have because you're not in the meeting rooms but in this particular case here's a exactly what happened in anyone he's out all could go on nfl.

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