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It's worth, I'm Cheri Preston. What's happening at the border, and whether it constitutes a crisis the arguments continuing to be made on both sides. Vice President Mike Pence saying it's not all about humans crossing the border ninety percent of all the heroin that comes into this country. That claims the lives of three hundred Americans every week comes through our southern border. DA agents have said that almost all of that is smuggled in through legal points of entry a wall wouldn't stop it national emergency harder. Early says, California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, it's just simply not true. There was a bipartisan effort out of the United States Senate and the United States Congress to pass a funding of the government and the president is holding it up because of his vanity project, which is this wall digging in. Yes, yes. And yes, I think President Trump is prepared to do. What's necessary? I think that we will see again the checks and balances kick in for what it's worth, Cheri Preston, ABC news culture when you sign up, but there are so confident in their exit service that if they don't get you out, you'll get a full refund. Call eight four four nine nine nine exit. Belen Pollock are the team of attorneys that I would use. If someone hurt me, and it wasn't my fault. I mean, let's be real sometimes things happen. Sometimes people aren't paying attention. Sometimes people are acting like jerks, and you're the victim if this has happened to you you have to have a plan because you don't know what's going to happen down the line. And.

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