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Mark stone came in at nine him and his agent, which, hey, man, if you wouldn't you, if you're to play an auto as like the one guy now and you'll there and you're sick player. Yeah, ask for the fucking moon and they're saying that that could end up being the highest ever recorded deal given by the arbitrator really is a shame. Weather weather's at seven point seven, five, which case. So he's asking for nine teams offering five. That could be an eight guy too sick who knows. And our guys like obviously like, oh God, you got plan on. Now you have death threats to your fucking old lady, fuck and other guys teams wives. Yeah, here take ten fucking here. Take more than. Yeah. I'm going gonna give you ten and a half. You know you were too low on your the auto gyms, like what just happened? Holy shit. But no. I mean, do we? We did a lot of great stuff today. We're, you know, we're here and I want to go back to the Skinner trade. Yeah, I think Carolina's a fucking dumpster fire flu. Flu, something's going on there. It's it's among is going on. I think the owner there has made it loud and clear or said loud and clear that his way, and my sense is there's people saying this isn't going to work and he doesn't care. You know what I think I, I would assume that anyone with that much money who can own a franchise shit. Well, yet that or he's legitimately trying to make this team tank and be shit and have fans not wanna come to games base off. The moves he's controlled made to get the team moved. I know you, there are rumors that he, he does want to move the team to Houston, Texas. He's a Texas oil guy funk and soul and Houston's. You know, one of those one of those markets now that that, you know NHL is talking about expanding too, so I know to Quebec, so we can go up to Quebec City new alive podcast. How are you. I don't know, man, the women in Houston, they call it Houston vagus rob song, terrible city. I've been told really, yes. Oh, all right. I did see the patch win, Super Bowl there. So I have in case of what was it like it was, it's it's really, really, really spread out. I mean, you have to take a twenty minute category. Oh, you know what's funny though is we didn't talk to Terry much about the fact that he broke into his parents house to get that inter. No one point. I don't know if we have it. He's like, mom give another phone line. We can use his mom, the Meatloaf. What talk. Terry. But Grenell had to break into his apartment last night because he locked himself out. I did. Yeah, we talk. I, I'm the most athletic only red bull vodka. No, no, no, no, no. So I was of the Moslem well, all right. What'd you say? All right? Yeah, no. So you get the night star with the red bull vodka have one, two, three, maybe four, and then you switched to vodka soda splash red bull. Keep keep the heart pot, you sleep. If I have four vodka rector. Asshole. The comedian was in front of you and he's, he's getting too big monster energy cats and like a Snickers, and you're like, man, how awful rent, but people do that are fucked. When I drink energy drinks, unless there's using them, I refuse to drink dinnertime. I would really like once a year. Maybe I'll just because like too when we worked the playoffs, you know, you can do the late games playoffs at NHL network weeks. He has a large monster energy like we're doing the pre show production meeting on my. That's a savage move doing. I can't really crush those without vodka either. I have a question though. So when I was climbing onto my roof last night, I was hanging there for a second. If I died, what you guys have done, got a new producer for today. We chat biz what you've got a tattoo for me. Are we good enough friends also, this also this, no, I wouldn't have gotten a tattoo. You have a pumpkin on your on your wake. I know, but. Okay, listen, let's not go there. I, I will say this..

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