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Yeah like like like what in particular the ideals immigration should that be put a stop to because we took it in a lot of syrian immigrants should that be happening should it not be happening where those resources being located two like why are they coming here it's like well blah blah blah there's reasonings and and people are starting to voice their displeasure with not a candidate i attitude canada has never been a canada first country it's always been a come here and you'll be welcome place yeah i always think about like how like when i talked to who also lives in canada but grew up in in dubai and like also grew up watching these american tv shows i always think about like i don't know what you've probably never played this but like civilization the game and you can have like a cultural victory i always think like the us have never heard of this game yes well it's a game like you play his nations and like you have armies and you conquer other nations and you you can win by different different different ways of winning there's science victory you can conquer everyone or there's a cultural victory which is like your culture is so widespread that that you win the game and i always think about the us culture in terms of or at least at the very least the entertainment because it's so it's so widespread that like like the people from the us barely watch any foreign content.

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