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The house. Hey Man. But Bryan Alvarez we'll get to that later. Start now you're winning over. I'll try and work in detail maybe swearword. The tire will be play on that. I swear. Yeah. We'll get to that I can't wait. I know there's been some stuff. So I'm quite excited. I'm finding out. As you guys are. so He's all excited. A. Week is because we've had payback. We've Admiral we've had stories so. That's just jumped in. Payback obviously the week off the summer slam very strange to have a pay per view that quick but. I was alright show like I. Don't think it was. It was bad. I had quite often watching it. It was a short like two hours. It was done by like what nine, hundred, thirty, your guys time. It's like two thirty over here which is. Which is radio to enough our so. Like shorter views I felt like in your house, you like just the short blast. Tied with the kickoff show of. And squad. Yet I think we'll save that to get to rural. I mean it was a solid match Doug Give me wrong Connex. About ten minutes. ICONIC last few sloppy moments but it's the people involved I, think. They, told me they'd be. They've actually told a good story those four think. Between a more. Obviously, it came into another head on. Monday night raw. And then he's tied. United, States Championship Paulo. Crews Bobby Lashley. Would you take? I knew you were jumping for joy. The herpes this baby. Yeah I, how they booking them. WHO's behind the creative of it? IF THEY GIVE MVP over for free row but I think MVP. Has Been The highlight. Of Raw, twenty in two, thousand and twenty like I know I'm a bias towards the. By think, MVP is, being, amazing since, coming back. I think this match. Should have been what happened on Summer Slam? I think. I'm pleased to see some out on Bobby Lashley and please that hurt business some proper proper gold. I still think Apollo crews is good. Either hurt him that bad. Thought, it was a solid matches, well, like crews actually big guys. Lashley is enjoying the whole business and they've got gold. Then it moved on Gay Vesey shameless and..

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