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Doing my simple jason berry. Brave voice. I hope you always think of this episode like was crazy it was just look. Just what i learned is very simply okay. Some any lights. This who is says okay. How does do so simple. What is this what is this. What is this is just such a j. Hey y'all know put it out there for you okay. So what is the thing that i always tell your when i'm getting about it is thank tell you zillah nobody make you feel like you went through and why please don't oh my gosh listen okay. It ain't what is hit for game. Don't do so okay. It's just corny. You know an on yourself. You ain't please please don't by doing crazy stuff you just you already know. Look twenty episodes of its check it out. Gate get yourself together and its second day that say oh skating on a battle he is show. Yes they hated. When you let that this little ad show. They don't like to know now. I want you shine bright like a damaged child. You realize you listen girl because she out there signing prayed i could yes. I think every time. I'll tell you on dancing so better rally you could see Killing okay because you know. Mama i do not dance. I was dropped below solar soda. You this real hat yes How their body and for those who know that name by pace which is just such ten tended up club anywhere. Look the last thing that say his spread low. Okay 'cause it's the brooklyn man and this is just it sets j. Y'all know. I got put that out pieces for you. Spread the because the world needs love it out that day but spread love man please. Man life is so short. I think if i learned anything you know besides believing and trusting more their life is short. You can't take it for granted. Man love the ones you're witch episodes. Okay just just said today you know. I don't know which one it is episode. Three hundred twenty one show season three are right. There's a lot of episodes out here. But i just learnt that i learnt though to say what are really did i learn god is really like building was like he just maneuvered this whole thing like he led me to the people day gave me the. Da show but these people had a whole facility to gut health and then he led me to certain people who are nutritionists dietitians and how people was dead. I said like. I never thought some people would be there for me. Dear for me and people. I thought would be. There was nowhere to be found. Okay like it was. Just like a shocker guy which is putting people out there. And i'm just like this omega. He was just like maneuver situation. Tell i'm a believer. I was a believer before you go but now like i am confirmed like i understand. You know god will do it. He will do a full. You my hair coming back and everything my hair salon. Then he just he just fixed it all right. You know gave me everything that i needed and then told me. He told me what all this was before happened. You know. I just didn't think it was day. I didn't think leaky gut and autism. I don't know. I didn't know why. But now i know why but oh my god it's just such you know i've really learned you shows guy you know maybe do i had to put it out there and pieces for some i just because y'all just needed to know that you know maybe some is really out there just struggle with certain stuff and he just like you know because he's never what you go through has never really for us for other people got you know allows things to happen in your life a lot of time for other people. Yes so. I'm okay with that because gloria winning anyway you know this too shall pass is what he always tells me and then he'll never put mental me that i can bear. I can't bear okay and you're either all right so look i'm about here okay. Last changed tag. People gordon on and on and on and i'll be i i will be back. I promise i will be back as soon as something else. I'm not mom. Thank you for listening to twenty days. Did oh my gosh. I had to come up with something else. I could talk to you. I'll tell you the t. Yeah but listen right now just listen. To all the episodes this oughta episodes. I'm a make sure they're getting played on break. Radio okay the reruns and stuff like s young get down. Please share them. A lot of people are sharing them. They're like really. Don't really inspirational. You know. and this was the first part of my journey. I guess this is the first part. Maybe i'll do a second part. Second part is so know whatever guy you now put it out the pieces for your. I love your sake. Hair be blessed. Keep me.

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