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Corner, pages more like inspector gadget he is Jason born JAMES BOND Trump never. Met him Trump never had a conversation with I'm sure he's been on the FBI's radar for a long. Time, well before twenty sixteen here's what we'll never know Brett will never know whether or not the FBI had enough without the. Dossier the unvetted DNC funded dossier because they included it and everyone who reads this application sees the amount of, reliance they placed on this product funded by the. By Hillary Clinton's, campaign and the DNC congressman Schiff the two sides to, be looking at, this and coming away with completely different interpretations how are we ever. Going to get to the bottom of this or you have. To look to the independent experts and the independent experts that have looked at this I think have. Uniformly upheld with the FBI did no. It's. Easy for Mr. gowdy to try to diminish Carter page but he was one of only five of Donald Trump's. Foreign policy advisers during the campaign. Of the other George Papadopoulos they're simile trying to say well he. Was, just a coffee, boy even though he was. Involved in setting up meetings with heads of state for the Trump campaign and, similarly even Paul Manafort the campaign chairman of the. Trump campaign Donald Trump has tried to diminish and say well. He was only there for a short time so this is part of the pattern with the president and his allies met like Mr. gowdy downplay diminish those that were having these. Interactions with the Russians try to shift attention elsewhere but the reality? Is there is a extraordinary and worrying and disturbing number of Donald Trump both high level and lower, level Cam people campaign people from Mike Flynn and. Manafort. To the president's own son to Pavlopoulos and page meeting with, the Russians and then later lying about it Congressman several other things to ask you about a lot breaking late today number one the president the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders saying the president is seriously, considering, revoking security clearance for five former, high ranking intelligence and FBI officials what do you make of that but clearly this is an. Effort to, punish and silence the president's critics now this is not, something you tend to see in the United, States, of America not until now this is what. You would see in authoritarian governments I think it is really appalling and we'll certainly put a chill on people both going into public service but those who leave office and have deep. Concerns about the president will feel that if they speak out they'll be punished that their, future job prospects will be diminished and I think for others who may seek to tap the talent that people have served in the intelligence community will also inhibit their ability to reach out People who experience I said five it's actually, six former officials mainly bomb administration but one from the Bush administration Michael Hayden I also wanna ask enemies, list is what it is and none of us thought we. Would see that again in our lifetime but this president is determined I think to resurrect an enemies list and his foot his first few names on it Another, piece of news we've been addressing, tonight congressman, is the president's threatening tweet toward Iran saying in re. In response to what he said was a threat from Iran to the. United States where do you. See that relationship going you formerly served as we know, on the house foreign affairs committee Well look I think it was a. Terrible mistake for the president to essentially renaming. On America's commitment to the nuclear deal that was, something that had caused Iran to tear down their plutonium reactor export a lot of their highly. Enriched uranium essentially lengthened the breakout time? For Iran and to tear that up with no, alternative in place I think made a conflict with Iran much more likely not, less likely now what's perplexes me about this. Recent flare up on Twitter with the president is these words by Byron which is a admittedly malign actor are nothing a typical of what we see. From Tehran so why now, is the president provoking this confrontation it's certainly has the character of an effort to distract attention from that..

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