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Nine zero seven thirty three thirty nine member their two questions on the table one who likes to run against President Trump. No matter what side you're on. And who could you sit down and have a Cup of coffee with. A long list. I've minutes, it's difficulty of your whole one side and the other. So I guess if you're on the democrat side because they Trump or pants, I guess or someone is administration will allow that in the rules. And speaking of who you'd like let's go and see who likes in Cleveland, Philip you're on with Mark. Good evening to you owe, one of I phone. Referred something the Senate while ago about. For out and Pence came vice president the speaker of the house will become vice-president. That's not the way it works. Speaker of the house is second in line to the presidency after the. The vice-presidency. He's thirty right after the vice president. You may not have heard me. I corrected that in the last hour. Just didn't want to be robbed him at the time. What's also was would scare me a little bit. If Nancy glossy was speaker of the house that would really be a scary thing. Happen. But we talk about the democrat nominee. You know, Joe Biden's? Copy the speech of new kenneka a British. Yeah. I mentioned he plagiarized. Yeah. Almost word for word there. I'll tell you who I who. I would. Yeah, I'm a conservative. But I who I would think would would be a good person to run on the democrat side would be. Did we lose you? He's a former secretary of the navy served under Republican president and. But we didn't we didn't catch. You got cut off who is that. Jim welcome. And he's a former secretary of the navy. And I just I I don't think he would have a chance he didn't have much chance last time. So that the democrat party is so. Moves away from men like him Sam Nunn. Former Senator that I could've voted for looked at seriously as a presidential candidate. Even though I'm not a democrat. But he wouldn't even be acceptable today's democrat party. But I I someone I would like to see there's Jim Webb. He's he's a good man has has good instincts, and is they would work across the aisle. Sincerely, and to do things he worked for Republican president has sex in the navy of the people who announced could you pick one of them to sit down and have a Cup of coffee with. Oh, yeah. I love to have a Bernie Sanders. I'm thinking was the great. I would enjoy that. If he was letting me tall. And if he was listening. And not, you know, not just demagogue everything. His personality. I don't like he believes believe but. Lindsey Graham said about do, you know, what Lindsey Graham said about Bernie Sanders. Little I always have these stories. Bernie Sanders got married in the Soviet Union. And some people think he never came back. That's funny. That is funny. I thought like, hey, Philip, thanks for your call. Appreciate it. You Mark program. Thank you so much. I buy. Oh. And here's someone's good. I think is gonna answer me right away D in Las Vegas, you're on with Mark. I think the one I would wanna have coffee with is Dina Titus. No, she ran for governor here in Las pay only two hundred votes, or so and he was school teacher in a sensible woman. And I I really don't think that Titus could approve of all these thirty tricks and terrible thing to Democrats are doing there's just no way. And I predict she's going to switch party of soon. It's election stuff is over. 'cause I'm sure she's just as appalled as a lot of us. 'cause that is just not acceptable. And she was raised better than that. I know so yeah, I was going to have coffee with some indeed Dina 'cause there's just no way in the world. She could approve of any of his okay. Well, except for one thing. I appreciate your call. Didn't follow the rules of the game. Was you had to pick someone running for president not that I know her, and I didn't know some of the other candidates running. I certainly didn't know them. Well, but the the game was you had to pick someone who's running for president and say who you would sit down and have coffee with an the other gentlemen. Agreed Bernie Sanders. I that's I think he's head right now. So we got to hear your votes. Let us know what you think at eight six six ninety redeye right.

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