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Thriller alerts where two months after I finished treatment. I ended up doing a forty mile bike marathon. And I didn't think that I could do it. And I remember the morning of the bike marathon I was with my friend Wendy and a couple of other friends and I said to all of them. You know what I said. I'm not going to finish this, so don't worry about that. I'm going to go as far as I can go maybe about ten miles and then I'm going to drop out the. Don't you worry? And I said I'm going to do the best that I can, and then on the bike marathon I hit mild ten, and then mile fifteen friend, and then mild twenty and I was like Oh. My Gosh I'm going to do this, I. I can't believe I'm GonNa do this, and then I was hitting the last few miles. It's it ends last. Part of it is on the Verizon Bridge which is huge bridge, and this isn't a show and I kept pumping my legs and I was like I'm GonNa, do this I'm going to do this? And then when I descended down the last half of the bridge and I could see the finish line Fran. It was the greatest moment of my life I was gonNA. Do it I said Oh my God. I'm doing this I'm doing this. And when I crossed that say this line. It was the most triumphant. Day of my life, because not only did I finish the marathon. It represented finishing and crossing the finish line with cancer. And I remember. My friend said to me. You Know Valerie I. Know You said you didn't you didn't think you were going to finish it that she goes? You know what? Wendy said I knew you would. And so that part of the the of the pink coke is that finish line and that finish line for all of us. The crossing that finish line to get the justice, we want to end the corona virus, and and everything that we need to do in our lives we can do, and the other thing is. That humor is so important. And when I was when I was in treatment, I actually kept performing Improv while. I was in treatment and data really helped me. Whenever I felt well enough I was still performing I had no hair. I've put.

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