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Along with two other young women from the black feet reservation in eighteen 93 josie wanted to be a teacher and she hoped that by taking this job as an assistant she would be able to work her way up the ladder she had probably learned to play basketball while studying at carlisle in the in school and she introduced the sport at fort shaw around eighteen ninety six at first playing with a soccer ball and makeshift baskets until the school eventually approved the purchase of regulation equipment games were played in the army bases old dance hall which had a packed dirt floor and was easily big enough to accommodate the court and the players basketball which is actually two words this point was not just new to fort shot in the in school james naismith have developed the sport only about five years before its introduction there it developed at at springfield college in connecticut which was also known as the international ymca training school he had been looking for a team sport that could be play lead indoors particularly during the winter months when the colleges football teams regimen of calesthenics marching in weight training was just not sufficient to keep up their physique around the turn of the 20th century football was extremely violent teams basically faced off against each other in a wedge formation and they kind of threw themselves at each other full force it was not at all something that could be played in a confined space on him indoorsurface without risking even more injuries than were already happening during regularplay so in creating basketball naismith was trying to invent a team sport that was fastpaced in vigorous but did not involve large young men hurling themselves into one another as hard as possible this kind of a side note here the football that niece myth was trying to replace was also really knew the first college football game is generally marked is happening between princeton and rutgers on november six of 18 sixty nine although that.

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