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Never play down to professional sports because all they'll need to do is show up at vents conventions and card signings, and and shakes hands and signs of things and walk away with ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars for the rest of their life. You don't think marking rooms introduced as the winner of the closest vote in Heisman history? Yeah. Probably and whoever gave who came in second Toby Gerhart by twenty points by twenty eight points. Most people don't that was December twelfth two thousand nine was again. This is the most fascinating thing about it. With this vote is that too had the lead throughout the entire season. And then it was that last conference championship game where we all said the only thing that can prevent from winning is a bad performance. And maybe an injury. Those things happen in both of those things happen. Yeah. And and look, and they probably would have lost. If he hadn't come out of the game. That's kind of the the the thing about the the way that it worked. So I don't know, you know, one the one thing that I think that we might be underestimating. And if to a wins, I think this is what will all come back to is that there could be a lot of people out there who just simply think so little of big twelve defenses that they don't want to give it to to an Oklahoma quarterback for the second year in a row because as great as those guys have been there could be a percentage of voters out there that say, you know, what is just because they're playing bad defense is week after week. Now, I think what Baker Mayfield did against Georgia in the Rose Bowl should have silenced. A lot of that. But I think it's still very present within a certain segment of people who watch college football. How close was number two Baker last year? And you don't have to stop your. I don't think it was close. I can't even remember who number two was last year. There you go. It doesn't matter. If you're number two number two is the first loser. I said that because there's a bunch of a bunch of bubbles out there that that say dumb stuff like that number to still have one of the greatest seasons in the history of college football is just such a difference when you're introduced as the gold medal winner as opposed to the silver medal winner the Heisman Trophy winner as opposed to the Heisman runner up as far as your future. And I'll tell you if it's close then by that slim margin that young man has entered the most exclusive or one of the most exclusive athletic clubs in the world. And right. You just think about bad timing for Dwayne Haskins and two I Kyle or for Cuyler and Dwayne if it's too just like you said any other year these guys are winning the Heisman Trophy, but they all came together in one season. And now there's going to be one Heisman winner were moments away from it. And if it is Kyle Murray think about the Oklahoma quarterback position. Not just Baker Mayfield and Cuyler Murray. Sam Bradford Jason white. You're talking four different Oklahoma quarterbacks in the span of fifteen years. They can't build those statues quickly norm. And Brad that's a good business to get into. I'm gonna I'm gonna start investing in statue building companies in Norman Oklahoma and look at the credibility that the what's gimmicky air raid offense now has in the past people said that when you're in the air raid offense, especially in the big twelve the stats. Don't count your success doesn't count you're a quote unquote system quarterback. And that always bothered me because every quarterback runs a system every single one. But this office went from gimmicky to Heisman worthy and with with Baker Mayfield finally breaking through that ceiling once and for all have been other quarterbacks like Marcus mariota, Oregon that runs some of these formerly gimmicky offense is Tim tebow. I think broke the ceiling from the standpoint of the zone Reed spread offenses. When he won the Heisman with urban Meyer at Florida. But I think that that the air raid finally arrived when Baker Mayfield won it last year. If we if he does win this Heisman Trophy Brad is this kind of similar to when Derrick Henry and Leonard fournette kind of pass the torch, although they were going up against each other. But it was one game that really changed it one day two ships crossing and here it was one game one day. I should say two games, but on the same day, and from there, it just changed. But it was the last game of the season. That's the question is did it happen. So late that it's it's not gonna make enough of a difference for Cuyler Murray. I don't know the answer that I guess we're about to find out if you know for people who were following the efficiency numbers all season. What was saving to is that he was more efficient than Cuyler Murray? Even though he had a lot fewer plays after that very last game collar Murray finally passed to in the efficiency categories, and to me, that's what made it seem like it would be obvious. But there might be a lot of people who voted before they ever looked at those final stats it almost every. Gain the two of played this year is quarterback rating, which is a rating that evaluates what you do through the air and on the ground when you do it in the impact it had on the game. One hundred is perfect fifty s average almost every game that to a played he was over ninety out of one hundred in that last game against Georgia in the SEC championship game. His quarterback rating was thirty three thirty three. Now, he was injured in the first series and that had a real effect at the same time. People will look at that. And you've got to ask yourself if it affected any of the voters if any of them said, hey, if you played your accountable for your results, even if you're hurt some of them will not give him credit for that some might. I think if he does not win that game. And those numbers might be the thing to drag her down pretty pretty amazing for as precise. And as great as he was before we get to this announcement if you had to peg a Heisman moment for all three of these. Guys, Dwayne has to its hung up lower and Cuyler Murray that phrase gets thrown out a lot I go back to like Lamar Jackson. What was his Heisman? What was it in the carrier dome against Syracuse? Yeah. Yeah. So what was it like for two? We got to see him firsthand at LSU. Was it that long run again? I think yeah. He was even hobbled, you know, at the time and still out ran everybody is kind of funny as much as he did passing any, you know, he he's obviously a good athlete, but he didn't run a lot. But that might have been as most memorable play because of how big the game was. And it was just something that stood out as being different from so many of his other plays. You know, I think for Dwayne Haskins. I don't know if it was one play. But it was the Michigan game, you know, because state was an underdog, and he just had an amazing performance against a a really highly ranked and respected defense. And then for Kyle Murray. He's been such a highlight reel. I have no idea what I would point to. But I'll say this in in a race where little things could make a huge difference. One of the biggest plays for Colin Murray was a play when he wasn't on the field. It was the two point conversion attempt by Oklahoma state to possibly win the game in the final minute with the receiver was open, very briefly in the past ended up being incomplete, I happen to believe that despite everything Carla Murray did his numbers would not have changed one bit from what they are right now. But if they had taken a second loss, I don't think we're talking about Colin Murray's the favorite. Yeah. I maybe kylie's came against Kansas. He had a seventy five yard touchdown run in a game that they won fifty five to forty Kansas scored forty points, and they lit up on the ground. Kansas is running game was about three hundred and fifty yards against the Oklahoma defense and Tyler had to make big plays. And think about that seventy five yard run is in and of itself was a huge run in a game that if they lost all their goals would have been dash what one of the most impressive things Cuyler did all season to me was in their only loss. It was they were down twenty one points in the fourth quarter against taxes in that first meeting, and he brought them all the way back in tied it with about a minute to go. They end up losing a last second field goal. But what he did in that fourth quarter. I thought was phenomenal even above everything else. He did which which obviously as is at a level that I mean, look, he he he out. Did Baker Mayfield, and what may feel did a year ago and winning the Heisman? And as a guy who was essentially a first year starter that is difficult to comprehend. You your take on the Cuyler in terms of his Heisman moment was where I was going to go. He had a Heisman quarter in a game against Texas because you think about just how how bag defied blowout. Losses can be not just for the playoff. But even in something like this where okay, he just wasn't good enough to bring the team back when you're thinking about lines of demarcation and separators between candidates a tour and a Keiler if collar doesn't come back and help with Oklahoma in that fourth quarter, and at least make it respectable. They lose by three on a on a field goal. Ten seconds to go. Hit a touchdown pass. You had a sixty seven yard touchdown run. And then led them on another drive on a fifty seven yard drive. And that was in the span of six minutes twenty one points in six minutes, and he led those drives including that one long touchdown run. So I certainly agree with that. College game day Heisman special ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Nick Sabin is smiling yet again on ESPN television jury. He has to smile. This is a casual belly laugh. I've never seen this from Nick Sabin before. He is now. He's back. Okay. Okay. Now, he's got his Nick saving face back on. I mean realize the cameras on at the Home Depot accounts football award show. He was laughing there as well. This is you know, what this is this is a Nick Sabin. Who knows he has the best quarterback and the best team in college football. And there is a confidence from Nick Sabin. We're at this ceremony and these awards circuits. There's no pucker factor here with coach he is letting it loose casinos. He's he's got a great team. You know, if he's not careful exuding personality like that recruits might start to warm up to him and want to go to Alabama. That's a pretty highly recruited classes, maybe a bad habit. I'll tell you one thing that I would like to ask two if he wins is what are some of those conversations like he has on the sideline when Nick Sabin is angry and to a puts his arm around him. I mean that happened last year the Georgia gave the national championship game has happened. A few times this year as well. To me. It takes a serious amount of confidence for a young kid quarterback want to go to an angry Sabin, especially if saber jelly get him for some boneheaded move. He made he made a few and put his arm around him and say coach, it's okay. I want to ask you what those moments.

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