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My favorite all right now. It's the time of the episode where we share our favorite parts of DC in its national park sites. We haven't told each other answers. So it's all surprise Matt. What was your favorite part of Washington? DC and the National Park Systems. Fantastic question I would say. My favorite part was probably the national archives because seeing seeing the bill of rights and the Declaration of Independence is probably one of the most like Americana things I've maybe ever done. And also you know directly to my favorite movie national treasure so that that plays a big part in in that decision now but it was. We're only there for a few minutes really in the Rotunda like looking at these documents but you are so immersed in it in every way. It's like a dark space. It's it's chilly so it's basically got Tony Environment and I it was. It was really really cool skimming over a little bit. Couldn't read most of it but the the impact of these documents is profound and yeah. I absolutely loved that so. I'm glad that we're able to do that. What about you? What was your favorite part of a very tough question in the bud I would? I would have to say the Lincoln Memorial There's just so much history Torri to to contemplate there. There's so many lessons in life the being on the road and just seeing these different memorials in these sites That impact as like a culture as a single culture and within the multiple cultures of the United States and trying to figure it out. And I think that's the one thing that I see. Abraham Lincoln means to me is like E. He realized that we're all individuals. We have our individual cultures but we have an American American culture as well and bringing people together was his mission. Yeah Yeah it is his legacy and so that's really what it is to me a little bit There's more to like processing over there but I just really love everything. That Abraham Lincoln was about out and figuring it figure it out. Yeah and it's also cool because that legacy and his whole ethos is really living on today as you can see the Lincoln and we'll get seven million annual visitors. That's a ton it's like one of the most visited places in DC and swarming with people. We were there and people from all walks of life from all over the world presumably. Are they're mingling together. And absorbing this experience and that was amazing and I also love how inspite of how crowded it was while you're inside the extra memorial. Everyone is quiet and respectful. That and there are signs that say like you know please be respectful and inquire while you're in here etcetera and everyone is very well behaved you know. Yeah they are yeah and also the view view from up there is just the best like up his long series of steps in overlooking the reflecting Pool The Washington Monument. It's probably the best view in the Jose I think about. Yeah sorry. I'm like kind of stealing your favorite thing. Now that's coming into my own but I'm just listening having fun you know and and this this park the or Washington. DC The district of Columbia. However you want to look at it the three things to bring really isn't your normal? I mean honestly I would bring friends and family because you don't want to be like thirteen year. Old Math like younger and friendless. Yeah don't experience it like I did in middle school Because you you might not have the best memories but I would say oh awesome place to visit with groups with family especially really and then there's a lot to do here and it's hard to kind of summarize it because it's so spread out and so many different things freebies freebies except bring money for milk. Barney yeah because you need to get your clock days and your corn cookies yes you do and then you also need to go to old et grill. More have an iconic meal. We actually ate and drank very well in DC. So I'm glad that we haven't even scratched the survey and that's fine though. Maybe maybe they'll be a special bonus episode in the future maybe branching out into neighborhoods and checking out more culture her and other kinds of activities and DC. Because this is just the very beginning and let's see the third thing so we got money friends and family yeah slash appetite of some sort of a camera and it can be yourself on. It doesn't have to be like huge beautiful camera but like there are are places to take great photos too so but just bring some kind of Camera because there's so many memories that like you're just GonNa take pictures all day anyway and what you're going to look through your remember you went to that place and then you're gonNA start researching because that's what we do like. We take pictures like. Oh yeah forgot about this and then I just go back and and start research and try to understand and see what else is in there. Because that's just what I I love to do right right for sure. Also I think this is another little thing to bring. It's like or the thing more so I think to get while you're there is public transit cards like we talked about Makes it real easy to to get around town. Walk to like while you're in and around the National Mall Very walkable but the the train makes it super easy to branch out from that as well. Yeah those public transit cards. Yeah definitely definitely worth it. Yeah I gotta say it was much nicer spending time in DC now that. I'm not a socially awkward seventh grader. I learned a ton I had so much fun and I left feeling very inspired and very well fed. This is definitely an all American city filled with inspiration and history. Plus it is inspired us to to obsess over Netflix. Shows like house of cards. An Madam Secretary. Yeah obsesses an understatement. Best enjoy it of course while eating milk bar cookies. You've been listening to park land. 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