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Movement. Say sounded like, but now I say it's police squad. Now's Napalese going nine years after the district instituted a nickel tax on plastic bags and three years after banned plastic foam food containers. It's turned on plastic straws the newest target of environmentalists trying to reduce millions of tons of plastic that ended up in trees waterways and in the bellies of wildlife. Don't forget the nose the nostril the nostril of that poor poor turtle per per turtle. My best girl, and I my best girl, and I we were in Nevis on the tiny Caribbean island of Nevis, and we were staying at a place called the Nisbet plantation. It's called the Nisbet plantation the young Nisbet girl. She married captain, cook, the English explorer who was murdered brutally savagely by natives on the beaches of Hawaii along with his entire crew savagely brutally murdered just for showing up. You know, ninety percent of life is shown up. The other ten percent is getting hacked to death by natives at least that was the case with captain cook. But beer there at the at the on the beach late at night, we took a cocktail down to the beach late at night to hear the waves lapping up on the shore. And what was going on? It was a turtle hatchery there were millions and millions of little tiny baby sea turtles about this. Big. I'm going like this with my head there there about an inch and a half from head to toe. And there were there were millions hundreds. Of them. There are hundreds and hundreds of turtles, and they were scurrying all over and.

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