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Mojave mojave what are you doing are you actually going to write review the it's not so it's not something you do you sometimes something well you whatever would have you decided what you wanted to yeah as actually looking through my mac os reviews folder and have written one heard a line one for freelance thing but since mountain line mountain lion i've had one on five twelve except for yosemite which we were having a baby and we just started this company and so i actually just wrote like a design review of the new user interface so if you take that one out of the mix i've got you know one two three five of them on the site and they think the average is like eleven thousand words slut shorter than the the opus the federico's been publishing but yeah i tend to to do another one i think it'll be about that length you know i have a tendency to just focus on the consumer like features side of it and only depp below the surface when i feel like i need to my dark theme article which we're gonna talk about in a little while has some of that like this is how it's actually working as what is actually doing but i expected to be online you know with my sierra or high sierra review walking through the features giving doing a mix of this is what the feature is and this is what i think of it kind of blinn those things together in the way that i write mary views with a bunch of screen shots and stuff so experts do it i'm running it on a an external ssd on my mac book pro and already spent some time in it i've watched a few sessions mostly around dark mode actually not a lot of mac os sessions this year at wb dc is only a few others that don't pertain directly to dark mode i think that speaks to sort of quiet year the mac is having think that will be obviously vastly different next year when these irs apps start coming coming.

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