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Of them now Democrats according to a brand new poll have come out and said, you know what, we want her investigated. We want to investigate even though the meaning isn't even talking about this. I'm talking about it, but you know, if you go to mainstream media, they're not talking about the derm report, which is alleging that she and her team were breaking into Trump's computers even when he was in The White House. I mean, think of how wild that is. And then let's not forget she was after all the original conspiracy theorists. I say this because it was Hillary Clinton, who kept telling us over and over and over again that Trump wasn't the real president. She went on The Today Show and said, he doesn't even consider himself the legitimate president. She went on and spun this narrative that somehow Russia had interfered by breaking into diebold voting machines or something kind of like that. To prop him up and to enable him to win because of course she should have won, right? If she wasn't gonna win, it had to be some mask conspiracy. Started by the Russians. And so that was the narrative and she spun it and she spun it and she spun it for four years, and then she was still spinning in this election when Joe Biden won. I mean, this is unacceptable. So every time people get upset about Donald Trump and he still thinks he won. She still thinks she won, okay? Let's be honest with each other. She said it over and over and over again and nobody called her out. Why not? Why do they keep on giving her a path? I mean, I'm guessing it's the system it works somehow the mainstream media, which is in bed with these leftists that are running these campaigns and you know that's what happened, especially in the case of that dossier that was fed, you know, just spoon fed to the media, and then they ran with it, then went with it. For three plus years and our country was left coming apart at the seams as a result. This was all Hillary Clinton in the Clinton machine that was behind

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