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Joy and in. You know, searching EBay. You know, I know that was actually kind of fun for you. We've talked. It was a it was it was kinda hectic to my wife was, you know, a little concern for moment 'cause I got really into it. And I was just you know, I was so focused on getting making this work. But the outcome. You know, boy, you saved you know, you saved half in you paid for it. You don't have a lease you don't. And Furthermore, you're not locked into an eighty thousand dollar upgrade every time. The latest upgrade comes out, and you have some independence on that. So John thank you for sharing your story. And sure your path I wanna switch gears, and you and I have a number of there's at least three things that that we have in common one. We're both passionate about dentistry. Secondly, we we both enjoy surfing and third. We both ride motorcycles thread allows a transition into this cool work, you do charity work, you do in Mexico, would you mind sharing that story with our listeners? Sure. Sure. Well, since about two thousand six I've been part of flying Samaritans, we go down in Mexico. There's number clinics down there, and they didn't really fly in on private planes, and we work in clinks down there night. And I and I typically work out the one that he you which is just ten miles north of Grenada grow. So this for for our listeners may not be familiar with. Mexico geography, this is in Baja California, it's about half of them. Yes. Got halfway down the roughly halfway down the peninsula just about exactly halfway done a peninsula. And but I've also been a motorcyclist specifically dual sport and dirt bikes whatnot. And I've had and and I would ride down there with friends and then one day, I'm in the plane, and I'm looking down. I'm seeing all these trails and all these stuff and thinking well shoot, I'm just rise of the clinic. And so the recipe would fly, but I would I would ride down there, and I would make like a small of AK out of it. And you know, and just kind of right about a water. You know, maybe stay on the east side or the west side and get down there in about two or three days, and and sweat. So I started doing that. And I have a couple of buddies go with me. And then they there was a photojournalist. I got a hold of it. And he did a story on me back in twenty twelve. And then so I've just been doing that ever since and and we're going down again in March. So I'm putting my team together for that. And we're just we're just really looking forward to we have a we have a new clip. Now, we we had one there. It was pretty small. We had about three chairs and we've since built the new one started in twenty twelve that's pretty funnels actually, pretty nice. It's not bad. And so now we go down there, and we basically do definitive dentistry. You know, we don't do like root housing that if either it's basically fillings or extractions, hygiene cleans, and so we keep it pretty I try to keep it pretty definitive. I I really don't wanna take any work away from from the guys that make their living down there. But, but I wanna do things I can kind of help people that normally wouldn't be able to get that care, and that's part. And I know we've talked about it. But I know the just the joy you get from that. And the pleasure you get from helping people that wouldn't receive care. Otherwise man is regarding the battery for you, isn't it. Oh, that's fantastic. Yeah. Absolutely fantastic. It it's great when you can have one passion. But it's it's really great. When you combine a couple of them. So for you. It's about six hundred miles south of the border. Yeah. I know I've traveled extensively through behind know. What those trails are like and writing a dual sport motorcycle..

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