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Us that was on july sixteenth. The luxembourg national commission for data protection issued the fine for violations of the eu's general data protection regulation. You know it. Gdp are amazon. Second quarter sec. Reports revealed. Define amazon says shocker. They strongly disagree with the ruling claiming there has been no data breach in no customer. Data has been exposed to any third party if he couldn't log into snapchat yesterday. You are not alone. Down detector reported more than one hundred twenty thousand outages normally. We don't cover outages because they're always done by the the time we report him but a lot of folks thought snapchat had shut down so if you happen to be one no. it didn't snapchat tweeted. We're aware of an issue preventing some snap jeters from logging in just before seven pm and by eleven. Pm they had fixed. That's the way that stuff goes if you still can't log in though snapchat support is saying to update your app in the app store which is one of the reasons we want to cover this one if case you're still locked out. Npr's sources say the israeli spy were company. Nso group temporarily blocked several of its government clients from using it software and services as it investigates possible. Misuse i'm shocked. Louis and group does not list its clients but says it has sixty customers in forty countries all of them. Intelligence agencies law enforcement bodies and military's security company sent no one claims reconstructed age line ninth cyber attack that halted iran's train system building on early analysis by podvig security researchers they identified a new wiper called meteor and named the overall campaign therefore meteoroid express wipers are tools that attempt to wipe drives and delete data's hence the name The attackers abused group policy. To distribute a cab file to conduct the attack labs died sentinel. One dot com is the place to go. If you want the blow by blow analysis. You wrote this patrick Pretty sophisticated attacks. Like i think also this point also attacks are sophisticated and i just wanted to tell people where to go because quite frankly if you're an it need all the help you can get the canelas report that cue. To chromebook shipments increased seventy five percent on the year. Two point nine million if you're trying to make an argument about windows domination. That's not going to help. Hp lenovo remained in the top two spots while acer jumped to number three over del which actually saw declining shipments on the air. Samsung came in number five but saw the biggest growth shipments up three hundred twenty four percent on the year all right. Let's talk a little more about this apple cease-and-desist appleton an assist. Would not be news happens every day. Maybe not every day happens a lot. Motherboard however got a hold of one of the season desist letters sent to a citizen in china. Warning them to stop. Advertising leaked stolen. Iphone prototypes on social media. So far you're probably still wondering okay but people advertise these leaks all the time. What's new about apple wanting them to stop the letters reasoning for why they need to be stopped goes beyond the simple issue of trade secrets and confidentiality it states. Those reasons as you would expect apples letter. Also argues that advertising rumored unreleased apple products harms consumers. 'cause they won't be surprised. Here's the call. I know it's very sad. Apple has made every effort to take strict measures to maintain confidentiality for any information about apple's products before their official release to ensure that every time apple releases a new product. It can surprised the public. The secret of apple's latest technological innovation is an important part of the company dna so that argument is not just about like we. Don't what's sad people to be spoiled. It's actually being used to establish the commercial value of keeping the information confidential. So this is this is about creating a legal argument like and when you do this. It causes people to not be surprised. And that's corridor business plan and therefore commercial harm so it's not as silly as it sounds but it's unusual Apple also argues in a letter that leaks that aren't accurate harm consumers because third party accessory manufacturers may develop and sell mobile phone cases and other accessories that aren't actually compatible with the unreleased products because apple might change In between the league and the time they release the product that would actually make sense. To me like yeah. We don't want it out there when we wanted out there for people to make cases for we'll put it out there Patrick what do you think about this. This idea of like but people won't be surprised and that's our business. Well it's it's it's funny because I was reading. Somebody's tweet a tweet storm but they were just really angry about way Movie industry controls access in panic rates winners losers by controlling access to previews of movies and it was really funny. Because i read this whole thing and i was like. Oh he's talking about movies not technology. 'cause i always think of apple and they're very carefully curated releases images and they're basically atomic death hammer breaking one islets any kind of nda or or security agreement with them. You know apple's is looking for new and exciting ways to get what they want out of the chinese government dot dot dot and this works for them give. The lawyer is a bonus and keep moving forward. You know it's curious always assumed that apple's secrecy was partly about surprise. You know they want to. They want to light people with an unexpected twist. Hence one more thing. But i i think this takes it to a new level in my mind of like. Oh no it is a core business principle. This isn't just a like. Hey it'll be fun to do this. This implies that it's like no we have Manufacturing meeting consumer demand supply chain and surprise. The these these are all right next to each other and you say surprise. I'll say controlling the narrative you know and and the public's relationship to the product as much as possible until it's actually on sale And then after that. Which means they have necessary. But they're really they have their whole process. Though is super tightly controlled in crafted and Anything that disrupts that because you know they have four or five people. They reach out to get early products. They write glowing endorsements of them and how magical and mystical. And and and how they're going to elevate humanity and and if the four or five people who get those early releases don't say that they don't get early releases in the future. This is all this is a very very carefully controlled and orchestrated and having somebody anywhere in the world. You know being like look. I got a picture of the new thing. Keyboards on the wrong side is not what they want. So sure or even praising. I've always i've always assumed that i just like the part of the letter that focuses on like also we want customers not know what to expect. I'm like oh it's not just that you're controlling the message. It's one the one of the reasons are controlling. The message is writing out here. I guess it's interesting The sharing economy sharing economy isn't new One of the most famous examples of the sharing economy is ridesharing Which is really just ride. Hailing but then there's airbnb has become an entire hospitality industry heavyweight there.

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