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Sarah vaughan nice collection now i have options right now i'm jonathan schwartz in hello uh i can say to you that i thought it would be a good idea for you dispatch fair ragged today or i could tell you the truth there is in this city new york city on the shattered a massive parade the parade unknown to me stop gene gene we even thinking of that means big trucks come to a halt and you can't she around them i've been late maybe two or three times since sixty seven so i'm not in a good mood don't deal with me and get into a good move it's cold it's windy and the city is just jam i think some of the trump people must be back to peace that territories just stopped and then continues to be stopped all the way down in any event it is a strategy i am jonathan schwartz as always really glad to be here so uh i'd like to play my my my opening my openings little piece of music the opening theme and we'll start right now as if nothing had from manila had gone up okay and dean john bagged new.

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