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It's that tire a great read and up to date one of the first site have the. Libyan bell tweet was our site and Jeff Hartmann had that on with in the minutes of that tweet. In fact, he had it on. I like seven minutes after the tweet was when it went through proof-read it when it was on right away. So we can you up to date and more and more people are finding out about behind the curtain, and you should too. Whether it's the podcast or whether it's in print, you're going to know about your Pittsburgh Steelers. And another guy wanna talk about right now is one of our hall of fame, callers, and he of course, has been waiting patiently on our phone line. And so we're going to go to enjoy the I've never done that before. I mean, I jersey people hate when they do that. But you know, love this. So I could do that right, buddy? Could evening gentlemen. Roy very friends. We know you're doing good equate Sunday. And you know, it was just I was on the Steelers website. You know, we listen to what they have to say. And we've got to give a lot of credit to this offensive owing. I mean one sec was a one sack kissed thing one sack last week against to greet defenses. I mean, would you say that the Cleveland Browns defense ranked just as highly as the ravens defense because of the pass Russian talented, Tony actually think. Yes, when I was looking at the ravens yes today. I noticed sucks loss to step. He doesn't look like he's quick as used to be or has as what's the word. I'm looking for disruptive as he once was but still got a camp for the guy. But I just think you know, what what the organizations don't over the last few years and building this front line to protect Ben is tremendous job. I mean think about it. I can't these great defense. He's having plenty of time in the pockets of the ball. They're opening polls to make a run. It's just amazing. It's just amazing. And I think we were play to away from really isolating that game early. It was a play where juju Smith Schuster was running before it caught the ball in the ball is rainy things. If catches that ball was like we proponents on the board there as well in that game easily. It could easily put over thirty points on the board. So a great victory to go in there. And do what we did a lot of the defensive Guiso a great job to like, you just mentioned Hilton admins, and depending along week after week, you know, getting pressure on the quarterback. And I think those should be taking what do you guys think? Very tight game. You know, you have a three headed monster in Cam Newton. He's a former MVP this league. This is a team that's one three straight. They are six into as well, they have a superstar in person McCaffrey and running back with who was a dual threat. He catches the ball. He rushes he's just so good. And then Greg Olson's back, and you know, how they struggle with with big good tight ends. I mean, I I'm talking travel Kelsey, he's he's in guy like that. He's getting healthy. He's he's a dangerous player as well. It's funny because this is a team that plays every year in the last preseason game. But they always the last Thursday night of the preseason the week four. But the problem is that it's mostly guys that are on the bubble that are playing in those games. But. The coaching staff lead definitely know each other. So it's almost in a way. I mean, this is gonna sound crazy. It's almost like playing division rival when you play Carolina for how. Well, they know each other even though they were in separate conferences. I just feel that this is we're last week was so important to avenge off especially in the division. This week is an important game to beat an NFC team. I mean a non conference team, but a very good team with an all around all around weapons, very good good defenses..

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