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Cuz you can only get as the country. It's just collapsing and not a single gleam of Hope and the end of the tunnel, so instead of improving things off. Besides the country they're focusing on causing trouble in another country this particular case in the United States. So they will encourage him to go to to continue his political activities focus on breaking in the United States and causing turmoil and wrong direction community in this country the so-called fifth column, which we just discussed will play an important role in this and finally finally bought the presents. The regime is Keen in finding some kind of accommodation with the Biden administration because there was an openly hostile to Biden and to Democrat On the eve of in 2016 then for forty years of trump Administration then during the last presidential election. This did so many so much damage to their relationship with Biden Democrats that now right now they're desperate looking for ways how we can improve it where and can we start you know, and they don't know exactly where One of the possibility is off the z-lite done the compliment they have on Trump. Wow. Wow, this is enough. We'll see we'll see what they got to I got to tell you you're even after we were on their life that first time together Frank figliuzzi came on and and he was wanting to and that there was someone else to I can't remember but we were all wanting to go off. So when it all comes tumbling down, let's go and and bring the moving trucks and just load up the boxes and boxes and boxes that are the file until Trump inside the KGB. It's going to be a whole week of a building is just the Trump compromise, right? It's just that it's just what they've got on this guy. So Putin was probably high-fiving during the capital Insurrection. Correct again, was that Putin was probably thoroughly enjoying the dog. January 6th Insurrection, correct. The Russian trolls played an important role in in sight in this interaction russian-speaking very popular in the russian-speaking community in the United States. One of them is a way I can tell he compared this event January 6th with the nicely dead set up flat in the race stuff. You remember the story? Yes. What is the restaurant? Well, the idea was that took this time. It was like racetrack fire on Capitol on Jenna Capitol Hill on January 6th organized by the Democrats in order to compromise poor Donald Trump and and start a Crackdown against Donald Trump supporters. That was the idea, you know, so Russian trolls late important part dead. Well, igniting this event and encourage the Russians to participate in this event and they did they participated they participated and even after they've even after it was shown that who organized the who ignited all this Wireless Etc the Russian community in this country continued frantically. Screaming that no, no no. No. No, Donald Trump was good. He didn't do that. Nothing to do with this. This is Democrats. This was reichstag fire organized by democrats home. Well, they had that look this is where the intersection of American Nazis I'll just call them that the anti-democratic fascist movements that are having infiltrated and taken over our militias. If not formed those militias in the first place and are are a hundred percent within that mag above and came out of the of a lot of what Junior and Bannon on a guy named Mike cernovich helped sort of think think think tank up and cook up and I think was like twenty-five fourteen. They had a meeting where it was before or right around the time of went after Trump came back from that stupid beauty pageant..

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