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C. A is getting ready for the snow. The agency outlined its plan today ahead of the storm. WCBS is Kevin Ring Cone has that story. This storm is being treated just like any other weather event with snow blowers, plows and other equipment at the ready. We're hoping ridership tomorrow across the system is lower than normal. We're urging people to stay home if they have that option. Obviously not all workers do. MTH Chairman Path Voice says they'll continue to monitor the storm's track. Sarah Feinberg, the head of the city's transit authority, says there could be closures Thursday morning. We have to limit service in some sections of this system, particularly on our 221. Also the outdoor track all ready to do that, so that we can avoid stranding trains and we will restore service as soon as possible. Some of that may be proactive. If this ship's a little bit and we had to put like 18 inches of snow, right in those hours before we before we reopen. I just wanna make sure I'm leaving us room to be flexible and make sure that we're prioritizing the M T. A says the goal will be to give commuters as much notice as possible, regardless of what they end up doing. Heaven Ring cone. WCBS news radio 8 80. Meanwhile, the M to is putting its doomsday budget on holds. The board was originally supposed to approve the budget tomorrow. But now it's assuming Congress will agree to fill Ah $4.5 billion funding gap. The doomsday plan proposed last month would lead to a 40% cut, two week day subway service. A number of bus routes would have been eliminated and job cuts would have approached 10,000. Well more police soon to hit the New York City streets. That story coming up in three minutes. WCBS News time. It's 507 Con Edison wants to keep you updated on power outages before bad weather strikes, be prepared, Make sure you know what to do if you lose power. If you experience a service disruption at your home.

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