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White let me earlier we had a good weekend I did glad to hear how was your weekend good house fox fox news yesterday fox news yesterday was good it was good our our topic for Joe Biden in guns all right and it was a good topic yeah and it is on it is posted on the stations to Facebook pages and my personal Facebook page the segment of fox anybody want to go watch it and then you can email me your criticism of yeah yeah Richard descended a couple of you want to call in I just thought of something story you know would be good if if you want to call in today for two for twelve sixty by the loans are working around the working again yeah we had so let me give you my my topic for this first half hour first half hour wide open phone I'd love to hear somebody who was in Denver for the stones I'd love to hear a review of the stones at ninety we're pushing ninety as compared to when you saw him in the sixties or seventies or eighties anybody listening and went to see the stones in Denver I'd love to hear review I mean everything I saw online with just hi praising never disappoint is phenomenal and the teenagers when the teenagers had a good time so I love to hear it like a you know we can have a conversation about the stones and now they were in Denver on Saturday and I almost almost last minute did it myself anyway were it sold out no I don't think so well it was at the football stadium so that you know that's that's quite a lot eighty thousand people if you know if you count on the field as well anyway anybody have a review you want to go to four to four twelve think I'd love to hear honestly all right we're talk to Derek brown a one thirty today Derek is part of part of the Epico equestrian events going on though he's using the epic go equestrian facilities for a different much higher calibre Jumpin event I mean this is really really super championship jumping of it we'll talk to Derek brought about his of in a one thirty today Simon Rackley is back from Europe and Denver and the rolling stones probably in the world we'll talk to Simon today at two o'clock ME Graham Miami will be here to thirty we'll talk about winding down I think she has until September the first true shows at the largest Santa Fe with her amazing you should not miss it amazing and then running for city council in history to your district my district Michael J. Garza Garcia will be here at three o'clock all right announcement today a little while ago by the governor's office the governor has announced a new nominee for secretary of education have to be V. top most important position in her cabinet if not the top top two or three she announced today that she is nominated of course has to be sent confirmed Ryan Stewart governor thank quote I'm thrilled to introduce secretary Stewart to New Mexico it's no secret I have very high expectations for the public educate department they are as high as can be frankly because I sure new Mexicans sense of urgency about our schools and it's our responsibility to deliver the transformation our students and school deserve I believe Ryan is the man for the moment I'm certain educators superintendent parents legislator stake holders will be struck by his energy and vision why follow up Ryan Stewart educator with diverse classroom good and leadership experience in public education and education reform he is the executive director of the partners in school innovation mid Atlantic region based out of out of Philadelphia partners is cool and innovation is a leading national nonprofit dedicated dedicated to boosting educational opportunities and now come for low income students one diploma let's see he also worked as a lead mentor at the non profit new teachers center advise the new educators especially middle school math and science teachers as well as principal of and district personnel in professional development and data now he was in algebra and science teacher at the seder Travis academy part of the ravens would city school district in east Palo alto California among various fellowships in professional activities he served on the board of the council on African American affairs now the Ron brown's scholar community services foundation yeah the bachelors in economics from Stanford and a doctor in education from Harvard graduate school of education so he's not very well qualified not at all sounds like a loser to me yeah all right so Ryan Stewart nominated to be the new secretary of education by the governor Michelle Lujan Grisham today fourteen minutes after one o'clock now story your favorite sport to participate in as fencing it is and fencing made the news over the weekend at the Pan Am games yes the Pan Am games well fencing made the news but more in particular race Imboden when the news are race Imboden is one of the Olympians on the men's foil team for the American drive fencing team and race Imboden on the podium during the national anthem he took a knee as he took me to quote unquote up let's see he said because he didn't want to not necessarily represent because he is representing a country but he didn't want to salute a flag that you know is okay let's see what did he said he felt that the shortcomings of the United States racism the need for gun control the mistreatment of immigrants and a president who spreads hate in the pride he felt winning gold and bronze medals as a member of the U. S. team so he took any on the party on the podium reminiscent of other Americans Kaepernick well Colin Kaepernick Fisher and mouse from the Watson who I believe joined him I'll answer yes another men's US fencer epay foil foil you you you fight the epic I fight BFA yeah you fell for the net I yes I fence happen I used to fence foil but I it is a beautiful beautiful style but I can't wrap my head around it sometime so you can go for the simplicity and the beauty that is at bay okay so Pan American Games the I'm western hemisphere South America Central America United States yeah I'm not even sure Canada's included I I couldn't tell you I watched a little on Saturday of the archery and it was cool because I used to shoot not with a compound bow in the sights and you know and the Calar beat and that they did but it was still fun so fun to watch yeah you have to do it though I think for somebody who has no interest in fencing probably like the or archery I mean it be boring if you've never done it I think yeah fencing it's also fencing goes so fast that you when you're watching it you're like yeah you don't right right I will just happen and I mean the rules are very confusing especially in foil I was trying to get people to leave earlier now here you are trying trying like you were explaining cricket anyway now you know who these two individual American fencers are right you're familiar with who they are I mean not personally but yeah right I know who they are I mean they're they're ages approximately late twenties okay for young yeah both Anglo both white guys know miles from the Watson is African American who you think he'll get more scorn moron more and more Twitter attention from the president maybe but race Imboden is the person who did it first on the podium and he's the one who made the news this weekend okay we'll see we'll see the president Ford's out over which we can only hope taken on four twelve sixteen but anyone who will give us a review of the stones in Denver come back we have a lot to talk about today of course.

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