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There's still some small reservation about traditional enemies, the believe ends with worry. Not the wonderful dudes. Unrivalled thieves and super great at acquiring cargo. And you know, we are good repackaging set cargo. It is like yin and Yang isn't hot. Like so many characters in berry. Hank is blissfully unaware of how dumb and horrifyingly brutal. He actually is self awareness characters learning the difference between who they think they are. And who they really are is a major theme this season and has several characters make that journey in the new season. Compelling story lines are sprinkled throughout the new episodes like Barry's girlfriend Sally who meltdown during an acting class while complaining about landing in minor roles playing trivial characters. Okay. You want me to say that I was married, and he was abusive, and I stayed in it for years. Anyway, is that what you want? What you think that I'm booking all these women because I was waking my marriage, you're wrong. I am not we. But later Sally learns her departure from that marriage. Wasn't as assertive. She remembers I don't want to spoil the ending of last season. But as this season opens, a major character has gone missing did events from the season finale and grief over that loss has shaken everyone in the acting class except Barry Henry Winkler one is first EMMY last year playing berries acting teacher Jean Khouzina. This season knows depressed enough to think about ending his own life in my bedroom is in Bihar Guinea box. Box is a Pearl handled thirty eight special given to me by my former roommate torn genomic times today, I actually thought about going there and giving it one last kiss. Are you not familiar with Japanese ritual of Harry Carey baseball announcer? I need you to my house. Berry can be unsettling in the way that it leads us into laughing at levels of violence and dark subjects that aren't typically sources of TV comedy. But the show then turns around and asks its own tough questions about every characters choices, which leads us viewers to wonder if this is also funny. What does that say about the world about us? I'm eric. You're listening to WNYC Iceland's. Wow. Air joins a growing list of small European airlines to cease operations many of the European carriers are well capitalized or part of a larger airline group that has many more resources than Wow Did more on why this budget airline.

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