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I don't know just old school. I kind of like the full faith and credit of something of something. Well the cryptos are here to stay. there is no doubt and what you say is true. You know they're backed by nothing But they're here to stay and the atf's that are coming. We've got one that started trading on futures prices linked to bitcoin yesterday and it was up on its first day in trading and That's something to look at it. It takes away a lot of people still perceive that it's more difficult to buy sell and hold cryptos. Then it really is but for people who perceive that and who want to who who think you know some builders saying we'll see bitcoin one hundred thousand dollars. People want to take advantage of that. There is now one exchange-traded. Sean trades like a stock okay and it started trading yesterday and it's directly related to bitcoin futures and they're about a half a dozen more in the works not bitcoin that will be linked to the various crypto-currencies. I still don't get it kind of beyond me. how so. why what's your biggest question. My biggest question is is that you know there's this like Cyber vault out there in the great ether and crypto kind of goes in there and then flows out the other side. Nobody really knows. Why am i missing something here. I mean i'm just boiling down to its simplest common denominator. And there's no guarantee there whatsoever to which you say. Well there's no guarantees in in the market point. Yeah exactly but still. I mean i would like to have something behind it. But that's just me. Hey jesse elon. Musk might be the world's first trillionaire. can you imagine. I didn't see that. now i know. He's a wealthiest. yeah now past. What basil's right exactly much the bases chagrin but yeah it could be the word worlds first trillionaire. I mean at that point. I mean it's like it's puts. He's a different stratosphere literally understatement. Yeah world yeah you talk about. Don't care money. I was talking to a client yesterday. His sister They bought a tesla and they love it. They absolutely love it and they were on a trip. Car has arranged for like four hundred miles and a car has programmed alive Program in the way the plugs are chelsea plugs are exactly and they show you where he can get a lunch and really while you're feeling up so right right. So they're in lincoln nebraska. And i mean lincoln's a big town it's capital in nebraska university town it's progressive in nature Not unlike four collins a couple years way back before ranch dressing back when dinosaurs roamed right route back and there was no place to charge. The tesla and lincoln nebraska. So what did they do. They had to drive to..

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