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Was just. Because you know we're pigs however it's crazy that we are so busy we can't talk about how history is being changed and that there's a guy in the swimsuit edition this time Wow have things changed. Jason with lock from the jason whitlock program And and his podcast now from the blaze. He's got a lot to say about this and we go to him and sixty seconds by the way. If you missed the first hour on the broadcast you missed the take down of fao cheesy and how. He is absolutely lying to rand. Paul all of the evidence is there and it's very clear The press isn't doing their job. We are now somebody needs to ask him How do you explain all these things dr fallacy. Because he is lying. Make sure you grab our podcast today. If you miss a second. You'll miss a lot. Grab the podcast. So you can listen to it at your leisure anywhere. You get your podcast. patriot. Mobile is our sponsor. They stand for great mobile service. 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That's what patriot mobile has done and we need to join them. Patriot mobile stick with a company that actually is sticking with you. Patriot mobile dot com slash beck patriot mobile dot com slash. Back right now to great offers to choose from either fifty percent off your first two months or one hundred dollars off any phone. Both offers come with premier activation so go to patriot mobile dot com slash beck for all the details or you can call them at nine. Seven two patriot. One of my one of my favorite guys is jason whitlock and when i first heard jason whitlock his name. I thought i'm not gonna come up with him. He's a sports guy. He's not as i mean he's a sports guy but he's not a sports guy. He is so much deeper than that. He's a culture guy and a really good man who admits his faults and is trying to be a better man. Is there anything better than that. And that what. We all should be doing working every day to be better than we were yesterday. He is the now blaze. Tv host of fearless and. He is on with us now. Hello jason how are you sir. How are you. I'm good man. How are things in our in our nashville studios. They're going well. We're working hard and producing a lot of content and trying to be an asset. Yeah yeah well you are. The the the show is the show is great. it's really great I wanted to get your thoughts on the swimsuit issue because you were saying. This is another historic moment in the rewriting of american history. So tell me about it. Well look the left is obsessed with being on the right side of history and so they keep writing about all these historic moments and allegedly the sports illustrated swimsuit issue which features two black women and a transgender black woman on the cover. This is now history and it's a history making deal three black women or two black women a transgender woman on the covers to straight. And what they're doing is telling you the history they plan to write in the future and so in the future. They plan to write a history that defines christian values as evil and they say the left the left wing media. They were ahead of the curve and we embraced The whole transgender movement and and men that feel like women and go through the surgery and now we consider them women and men can have babies and all of this stuff they plan to write all this in the future and their and their squashing dissent very cleverly by writing this history making events all in a racial narrative. So that anybody that criticizes it if they're white. You're a racist if you're black. Yoursel out in an uncle tom. It's very clever what they're doing how they're attacking christian values wrapping it in black packaging to silence us from saying like. Hey man this is wrong with you you. You're putting a biological man who more power to 'em has had surgery and is now woman but no no no no need not a woman biologically scientifically not a woman. He only him is so he's calling himself woman and out of out of deference to him and you know whatever we can him a woman but he is not a woman totally agree. They want us afraid to say what you just Wrecked because oh my god. Glenn beck is racist. No first of all. I don't think i would be try. I think i would be By phobic or or what is the trans phobic train. Yeah i just. I just think that we need to be very careful. Especially those of us who are in in some sort of a leadership role and i say that almost barely being able to keep a straight face. Those of us who are in the media. We have to be very very clear. If i'm if i'm with that person in A private situation or at a party or whatever I will refer to her as she if that's what makes her feel better but if something happens at the party and she has to be going to the hospital. I am going to tell the hospital. She's a guy because biologically that may make a difference on what is happening in how they treat her actually him. I think we need to be compassionate and and also accurate and we need to be more accurate in the media So people understand we can be compassionate but also scientifically correct. Totally agree with you. I think the left believes though people are less fearful of being called transphobic because the facts are so clearly on your side no regardless of what they say that's a man born of biological man yes they have gender four year and confusion and identity but that is a man and so i think they feel like well glenn beck. He can argue factually. Hey i'm not transphobic. I'm just stating facts. They weaponize it and that's why sports illustrated intensely 'cause the goal is to push the transgender there. There's all these different gender identities and and so they intentionally chose a black transgender to package. This is some black history making event because the accusation of racism is very subjective in the public space. And anybody can argue anybody's racist and there's there are no facts. There's no p people could care less. And so that's the ultimate weapon that they're trying to silence all of us. Glenn beck jason jason whitlock to sell out. He doesn't understand. He's not on the side of the right side of history on this historic black issue of blah blah blah. Glenn beck you know. Of course he's conservative and he believes in god and that makes him racist and christianity's christianity's racist and it justified slavery. And and i mean all factually wrong but they seem to have won this argument over twitter and social media And it's just frustrating. So i just see what's worse so straight is done and a lot of legacy. They're just very clever and calculating. I have to tell you you know. And i and i would like you to explain this because i think i understand what you're saying and i think we're saying the same thing but But it we should make it clear they you've said a couple of times. They believe they're on the right side history and this is why they're doing it. They're changing their their writing history for tomorrow today And you know i. I actually am glad they're putting all of this down on paper as somebody who is compiling a museum we have. I mean i have a an entire could fill the vault just with the papers that i have on. Eugenics the papers that. I have on dismantling america. And how wrong they are. They the people who were four. Fascism here in america or four communism they were shamed by nineteen fifty because it was shown to be a deadly deadly killer. But fascism wasn't a dirty word. Eugenics not a dirty word until you saw what happened at the end when this society falls apart and when it when it completely breaks down and we have to start all over again these people will be on the record of being on the wrong side and I'm actually glad that they are. They are clear on what they believe is is right and normal and natural because it's not glen. I think you're accurate. I think what they're arguing to their camp is. We're going to win. Look at this massive lead. We have. We just put. Joe biden the corpse in office in the white house. We had a massively glenn beck jason la. They're so far behind us. We're winning this culture war and as we all know winters right history. So they see themselves as the winners. They're going to write the history. They'd glenn beck jason where like they were wrong about the transgender issue. They're wrong about everything else. america doesn't need christian values. America needs marxism communism. And all these other things. And and i'm they believe your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be reading their book of history and you will be the bad guy right and i and i believe there is a chance of that. 'cause i don't know how long it's gonna take to reset act to common sense and and eternal truths but i want to ask you what they specifically think. We're wrong about when it comes to transgender. I i'd like to hear your opinion on on where we're wrong. Because i think we're with most americans when they actually not win where spun but when we it's exposed on what we actually believe. I don't think we're off base with the vast majority of americans back with jason whitlock in just a second don lives in california. She wrote in about her experience with relief. Factor she said. I had horrible pain and swelling in my hand. I couldn't find anything that gave any kind of relief. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't cook. Couldn't take care of the house. I couldn't do anything she said. I was a hairstylist. For twenty five years. And i had pain in my feet my back but relief factor took all of my aches and pains away from me inside of a month and the longer i take relief factor. The better i feel. I just don't wanna live without it. Thank you relief factor. So much don. 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