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Gary and Larry continue on eight. The boards. Hamilton that side of the flooring, and it's cleared out. All the way down the final seconds tick off. Boston. Bruins aren't going to the Stanley Cup. The Carolina Hurricanes. In game four and sweep the series. There and take some calls here in just a moment. But hey, don't kid yourself the NHL would rather have a San Jose Boston championship series, rather than Carolina, San Jose. And there is an oddity after Boston swept bread head against so old team. Go ahead, Mike this fun. That's been a weird postseason in general. But in the Eastern Conference, specifically, not only did you have the number one team in the league get swept in the first round being Tampa Bay. But the islanders swept the penguins, and then the islanders were swept by the hurricanes who were then swept by the Bruins. So twice a team got swept or slip a team VIN got swept in the same, you know, same postseason blessings that good. They will they'll be the favourite over the shark source, Saint Luke, it matters who Boston's gonna play, I think everyone's just going to have to put up with another parade on the duck boats in Boston. Wow. I don't think the Bruins can beat with way there. Playing so wait a minute. It's their offense. They're unstoppable. Their power play seven for fifteen against Carolina. And to harass is playing out of his mind right now, which he can do when he's on his game when you say Duke, arrested that pretty much that would be to co Rask, and we got gives the breaking.

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