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Well I. has done a fantastic job. They. They know what their product is about. They know what they want. Their users to be doing on their platform. And they know what they don't want their. They know what they don't want to be known for, and they've been very proactive in taking down anti vaccine misinformation, some like medical information that kind of stuff if had not acted, could spread very quickly on their platform in for them. It was a decision That's not what we want people to come here. Here for that's not what pinterest was built for so from that perspective with that clarity that vision. They were able to make the decision to take that stuff down the actually I should be clear. They haven't taken it down. You can still pin it. It just won't be included in their algorithms, so they'll never spread byerly the way that other information could. Is this something that from. Someone who uses a business model canvas and things like that? We spend a Lotta time defining proactively who our target market is and things that is it a matter of also proactively defining the anti patterns who you don't want to what kind of content you don't want. Yeah. I think that there is a space being created for that now. I can't say I know exactly how yet I think for the first time businesses that have things like mission statements and values statements which you know, we just throw up on their website and forgot about they're going to have to start. Pulling it out again and looking at it and really deciding whether they're going to stand by that because groups like us, we come around and we say you know I'd go to their websites. And I look at their value statements, and that's what we use when we. Talk to businesses. We hold up the mirror to them. We say you talk about. Here's your code of conduct. You claim to be integrity your equality. You know like you're. You're very strong anti harassment policy. Why would you be funding or monetize ing or enabling a user like this or an individual like this? When it's so clear, this is what they're doing. If it's not okay in your business within your business internally how you okay with enabling it externally in the world, and they're going to have to start revisiting that stuff because that's again. That's sort of like our ammo not to give away too much, but. But up to what we that's what we do if it's. It's a stuff that you've been saying that you've been using and your marketing talking about like you know, this is what makes our companies special emerges putting up a mirror to your own values and asking you okay then. Go ahead and stand for it. Here's your opportunity. It seems like there's an opportunity half full unit as this whole trend with no customer products, so yeah, perhaps there's an opportunity for kind of know your customer platform, which enables your business to automatically wipeout..

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