Barack Obama, Four Five Six Years discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani


Kicked up fighting the three and four five six years enough the most everyone of them in the first round so you can say whatever the ones i can guarantee no one on twenty twenty three and do while 'cause feet on other on tv show before it's just it's just easy so yeah i i looked at other white wreck code in that on a big platform all by as it might fighting a lot a lot less important than by in a lot less so call win so no matter even even if i were even we tend to know someone was it was thanks so what's the point in trying to everyone is it freezing them all that to me is the craziest argument of all if someone wants to say oh he's getting a prime spot on belot or two hundred because he's famous all right fine there is something to that and i feel like you've acknowledged it but for people to criticize you for your opponents records like that you're supposed to be fighting guys who are ten and fifteen to know at this stage of her career that's absolutely ludicrous that would be mismanagement by your team to put you in fights like that that is the worst criticism that they can put forth but that's that's that's it like like she know fi no not even better to obama say you would never miss much like that yeah a four note with a fifteen and oh no we just meet no sense what like you say because.

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