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Now 27 and Gaithersburg That's 28° here in friendship heights It's 6 40 now and it's going to be several more years before the bunch awaited purple line in Maryland welcomes writers The light rail line from Bethesda to new Carrollton was planned to begin operating in March but now that target has been moved to fall Of 2026 M says rising costs a shrinking labor force and supply chain issues are contributing to the delay and the additional $1.4 billion to the project's price tag nearing three and a half billion Delays are nothing new for the project one of its major contractors quit back in 2020 after a 2016 lawsuit brought construction to a halt Matt small WTO news Snow is in the forecast once again so crews will be out prepping roads this morning That means drivers may face delays as trucks treat the major roadways Vida says it'll start pretreating a high 95 through Fredericksburg the northern neck and other areas around 9 o'clock this morning Some of the areas being treated are the same ones affected by last week's I 95 nightmare When thousands of drivers were stuck some of them for more than a day on an ice covered on the impassable stretch of the busy interstate Yeah I don't want to see a repeat of that 6 41 today marks 40 years since one of the biggest news days in local history during a major snowstorm And it shows the progression of WTO P news coverage in the past 40 years January 13th 1982 Dave statter was in his apartment in Pentagon city and heard scanner traffic that a plane crashed into the 14th street bridge and was in the Potomac He made his way to what was then the twin bridges Marriott right near the bridge No cell phones in those days so I talked my way into a 5th floor hotel room and they let me use the telephone there for a while The day of what can you tell us about the situation I can not actually free to play But the rescue operation here in 2022 if that crash would occur today the first words of the WTO.

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