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Trucks have been the same for a very long time like a hundred years and people are cool with our trucks are large and growing parts of the U. S. vehicle market says Tom Libby at IHS market we've seen a major gain over the last ten years after it's about fourteen of fourteen and a half percent the market now Aaron Bragman is Detroit bureau chief off because dot com he says Ford Chevrolet and ram dominate sales they have strong brand loyalty and they are not keen to give that up the profits on pickup trucks are massive and we're seeing the actual average transaction price is now climbing above fifty thousand dollars other than Toyota which sold two hundred thousand to comb as last year competitors I'm not making much headway Bob says Jake Fisher director of auto testing at Consumer Reports then don't really playing to win while Turner may be taking the Cameri very seriously and their their cars very seriously I think it really comes down to the domestics they're taking their trucks seriously that's where they're putting the technology into technology of course is Tesla's biggest selling point it's hoping that's enough to make a dent on Jack's euro for market place Wall Street took the day off but the global markets never rest we'll have the details when we do the numbers for about a decade starting in the late nineteen sixties fires consumed New York city's south Bronx in nineteen seventy five alone there were more than twelve thousand fires many of them suspected arson at the same time the bankruptcy government was closing fire stations in the predominantly black and Porter Rican community the new documentary decade of fire looks back at what because the neighborhood to burn in.

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