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Let's let's deliberate literally. Blessing your papa nonstop again. I am not on trial here. If you want to do a content court on ethan submitted for consideration you'll have to assume raising your your foot score past humanly possible levels. I will remind me in that. I am not at charged. And if you have a to file an official complaint you'll do it through official channels boo boo. We're deliberating you guys are done. Thanks for nothing as usual. Definitely a call right. yes okay. He called. I said to send the jail joy war. Yeah target the jared leto. I wanna do more like that. So yeah we're done done well. I really enjoyed the unorthodox target. Jared leto to was really fun. It was good. It was a good story. And i want to say thank you to ab. Who put this whole thing together. Yeah fantastic job. Abd powerpoint Skills are top-notch. I want to thank the defense attorney who Actually has cove it at the moment so we appreciate that not a in. But let's be honest. There's a jeff dunham back there with the sandwich won't strings and he has kovic so we thank him for that and a really compelling arguments from into just kept us on our toes though time. Zach with the sound bites everywhere to thank you dan. Of course we'll whom let's be honest without it. All dan atlas shrugged carrying us all on his shoulders. Absolutely they dan. That's not bad and eela you put the come on. You put he'll he'll you. What up do you do it all. I want to smell feet. You want the what are you talking about. It's right there a sound bite of it tripping right. You guys played again. I want to smell feeds. I want to smell feet. Doesn't even sound like literally mistake qabail. This was fun. Thank you guys. I had a lot of funnier Another banker in the in the in the all danga frigging Tan can thank contact court. We'll be back with another one in a couple of weeks. You know these things take time to to put together so again. I really to think a ab the whole team. Who worked put this together. It's a lot of were. Ab any comments. You got any ideas for next. Target view yes. Oh all right guys take care. We'll see next time. Thanks for watching. Thirty seconds to mars maybe turn..

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