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As quickly yeah zambian ships have you guys one i'm not going in boston karyn regal wbz news radio 1030 the red sox victory comes against the backdrop of revelations that the las vegas shooter had once scope down boston that is prompting a tighter net around fenway as wbz tvs jim smith reports the beefed up security a direct response to news that loss vegas shooter steven patrick head researched sites overlooking fenway park some time before his deadly rampage in vegas same security presence pretty tough air so yeah every day we went to seattle watch them acids by their same thing series tied everywhere and should be finished harassed to come in early today because if the ad it's screenings it's all part of a busy weekend which also included a bruno mars concert at td garden so now it's yanji game 4 and there's little doubt that security this time will be every bit as tight we'll have more on the red sox coming up in sports with adam kaufman a somerville police officer is clinging to life this morning after his motorcyclists hit by another vehicle on route ninety five in new hampshire in a wrong way crash with a teenager behind the wheel wbz's kim tunnicliff joins us now from the central police station with the very latest ruin kim good morning tackle off duty police officer luis remigio kale of tewksbury suffered lifethreatening injuries in the crash it happened on ninety five south inau north hampton new hampshire sunday morning witnesses say a king driving a mercedes was racing moments before fleming head on and to the 55yearold per nikki oats motorcycle a mercedes travelling wrought the wrong way on the highway or nicky i was taken to port that regional hospital in critical condition two others were injured as well have a dry i fear of the mercedes eighteen year old michael.

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