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Don't think it was Dave Ball I want to say I'm GONNA say Laurette. So Laura morale is is incorrect. She was actually not even around anymore. It was Dave all you got in a fight. Dave ball wanted to check in one way. She wanted to boil the chicken and she had A. She had a dream. Well she said she had a dream. Who knows if she actually did where she called clairvoyant dream and she said she's had maybe twenty of these in her lifetime? Yes and and Dave Ball was the person that she told the rest of the tribes she foresaw getting voted out but it was actually John Fincher. Who goes home in this episode? So what was that Tomlin's dream Eric. Tomlinson's dream was to make an NFL to prop you get the final question here zero zero scumbags we're of course going to my favorite survivor. Guatemala price for immunity from December First Dude S.. Five fourteen years ago Sunday. who was the only player who voted with Judd? God Tribal Council in which he was blindsided. Okay so not for job but with jet all right say one more time yes. who was the only player who voted with Judd at the tribal council and within which he was blindsided? Of course besides Judd. Okay I will say that it was Cindy Cindy you got a risk to get the biscuit and you got the biscuit. That is two points Cindy yes she she ends up going next at at the final five I think a lot of people attribute her getting voted out to Not Giving the cars away but she may have been the next one to go anyway potentially could have been Danny. Yeah now it changed the whole game. But yes indy was the only one who was not in on that rob. You take a to nothing lead and we're going to go to our final round now and and like we we had sort of a festive themed ad also very happy that a festivus was mentioned in the week that Akiva was is going to be on the podcast so we have our finally Kiva yes. I think it's I think it's pretty good. Sometimes people say like Oh we all that happened. And it's related to the persons on the recap this week. Did you plan this did you. Did you know the festivus reference was coming. That's invited me on. That's why you beat me in the game and I lost the bed and now we're hearing. Yeah okay I mean unless we scrambled to book you after Wednesday night which was not the case it would have to like a message me and save wrongheaded as a killer confessional. I said that Nora is going to do we do grievances. It's like festive around here. It's gold it's Gold Rob. They're GONNA use it. I guarantee book Akiva none of those things. The more important things to worry about this week. Like getting voted out in her birthday. Yeah and if I'm charisma if I if I give that confessional I think it was a great confessional for me it was one of the highlights of the episode. But I wouldn't even think that it would be used like it because it is. I mean it's a very famous reference from the most famous Sitcom of all time but I feel like they don't really what do that. Many pop culture references on survivor. So I'm really happy that this one got in any way AKIVA AKIVA has been on the schedule for this week for like what four weeks or something three or four weeks we have curb if we do incur. PODCAST WE INVITE KRISHNA. We have an open invitation of Chris. Talk to us. is she a curb person. I don't know I thought so I that it was Chelsea from this season. That's rose Larry. You're right you're right I. I thought maybe it was both Krishna. I mean that she might be you know Chelsea invited to on the podcast if she wants to come on and I. I don't really love a lot of guests for those podcasts. Becoming either long enough I'm famous. I guess it it takes you two hours to get through talking about an episode of television so You know I'm open to it Maybe maybe somebody would actually listen at that point if we gotta guess. I'll listen if you guys do a full week by week after the new. Listen what who you throwing shade at their. I don't know how how well listen to the curb. Your enthusiasm recall. I thought you were talking about like Robin Akiva. Crushing the game no pockets. Nobody listen to. Yeah yeah that's that's just for us. Yeah where do you already do. A podcast is just for us. Yeah anyway final. Round of the the This week in survivor history game we have the feats of strength and what. I had the way that this game is going to work. I am going to read a wikipedia synopsis. Assist of a challenge from this weekend survivor. History I'll tell you what season it's Rahm. I'll tell you how many people were left in the game and I'll tell you if it were if it was a reward or immunity challenge you have to tell Lee who won the challenge based on the description so Akiva simpler Jordan that we also had a lanes feats eats.

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