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Here we'll find out Ricky Stenhouse junior he's on pit road right in front of the post cruise good news for rookies don't know sooner lap number thirty five second bill was no visible it's also the fast yeah your and he will come out right behind Kevin Harvick who flies by and about a hundred ninety miles an hour then Denny Hamlin was to Kelly I'll soon might we see the race later on pit road yet they're not up on the wall or they don't have the front tire changer who can go up in a kind of straddle he's not over yet but they do have the tires on the wall talking in the commercial break one of the things AJ Allmendinger speculated I think maybe what we see stop the cabin harvest and whether or not he wins the space is not the issue but when it comes in as the second state he could just go put himself in position to win the second stage and then at the end of the second stage and that's when they go with four tires in feel even under green flag conditions given the tire wear is not that big a deal they can do to stop at that stage so Rodney Childers always look at all the way down for number one sixty working it back in and he said a top of the broadcast we're gonna see all kind of different approaches and strategies so they are looking like it's going to be a Kevin Harvick here the next lap for so it'll be interesting to see if they do go up for prior stop which I think is the odds on bet well don't just give the stage when to Kevin Harvick because Denny Hamlin Kyle Ricky is beginning to run down the race leader is set to actually go fifty literally cut that in half.

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