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The giants bullpen went to work and they won the game nine to five giants are hitting they've won seven of eight right now and of course they just had a very good homestand a very exciting win on wednesday against the diamondbacks at the giants are heading and today they're going to face a tough pitcher gio gonzalez where they've seen a lot of over the years gio gonzalez has pitched against the giants a number of times we've seen him thirteenth starts five and five against the giants with a three twenty one earned run average but gio has been pitching really well lately his last three starts seven innings or more three earned runs or less than he's very tough on lefties one seventy seven against him and righties to thirty nine with four homers so probably have a stack lineup for bruce bocce again today on the other side of the coin derek rodriguez pitches today in washington of course is dad played in washington the hall of famer pudge rodriguez but this'll be a second major league start he is in washington today's twenty six years old got start against the phillies last weekend in pitch great the guy is second life on the fast ball and he throws a curve when you least expected he plays with a lot of confidence it'll be very interesting to see what he could do against a washington team that i think is is somewhat depleted they may get adam eaton back today he's been out for a while zimmerman has been out for them ren donuts still kind of working his way back from the injuries earlier trae turner and harper they've got the young kid the nineteen year old who's absolutely been terrific form hit the home run last night off of rafi gave me the the golden state the box score around ashraf to the punch up the box score from the giants game he gave me the golden state went.

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