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If you from sal inside look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and stayed that a couple of times and see how that feel. You? Know I just think Oh, the two weeks old. I would give the benefit of the doubt to Trent Williams, and a lot of cases honest with you I. Don't believe either of them. I would definitely give the benefit of almost anybody else. In the case of Bruce Allen, but I just with that whole incident last year I just knew a lot trusted a lot of the information that I had, and I don't believe any of them like I i. actually would lean towards the Redskins, being a little bit mischaracterized by the entire incident with that said whatever it's the Trent Williams, thing were beyond he did of Giggle when rappaport said that you know he couldn't believe that. The redskins ultimately just got a third and a fifth when a lot. Lot more was offered in trenches. Laughs he also, he also said that San Francisco was really the target for him and his agent for you know going back even before the draft because there were some rumblings about Joe Staley retiring and Trent wanted to be in San Francisco and he mentioned Kyle and Mike. He said Mike's around a lot. You know with the forty niners and Christopher stor and Mike mcdaniel and a lot of the former coaches. He's like I. Just really I was always comfortable around those guys, and that's where I wanted to be. anyway last thing before we get the all of the events of the last several days. I want to hear what your opinion is. I have no idea what you've been I. If if you've even had a chance to weigh in on it, but this baseball thing the owners now mulling a shorter season of fifty games I don't know if you followed this. That's the news out of. Jeff Passan, who's been all over this story from the jump? You know the players were at one hundred and fourteen. The other day in the owners are essentially saying the more games we play, the more money we lose. We're up for fifty games schedule and we will pay you. Your entirety of your pro rated portion of your salaries would equal like thirty percent of their annual salary for fifty games. We're at seventy percent for the hundred fourteen game schedule. It would appear to me from afar that they're still so much distance between players and owners that there's not this is not a lock to get done. Now it's not a lot, but I think the owners ultimately. Will Cave under the pressure of of the the scenario of having the NBA Nhl Start.

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