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Producing regions, the area in West Texas and southeastern New Mexico could nearly double crude oil production by the year twenty, twenty three, but who are the leaders behind this economic powerhouse and what is their story? This is Permian perspective I'm your host Krista a skinny. Today's show is sponsored by Baker Hughes. Who recently launched a new and reimagined Baker Hughes Brand as an energy technology company, they strive to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people in the planet over one welcome to this week's episode of Permian Perspective. It's so nice to be spending this time with all of you I hope that you were doing well and enjoying. Back out there in this world. That's right. We've all been going through this together and I hope that you and your family situation has been okay and that you're healthy during this pandemic I'm sitting here today in my office in Midland Texas and joining me via Zen caster. That is the way with us. podcasters do things these days is then caster in I'm in Midland or visiting with William Skelton? WHO's in Midland Texas as well? He is the business development director for gyro. Data West Texas William. Thank you so much for being here. It's a pleasure to be here Chris to how you doing. I'm doing good navigating this new environment. We're in yes, the tastic. Meeting face to face, but instead it's to computer, but that's okay. We'll do what we have to do. Right to help out and flatten this curve. Right show jar with days. That's right well before we get started. I do WANNA. Thank everyone who has shared our podcast with friends and family and colleagues. We have listeners all over the world, and of course right here in the basin where William I are, and I appreciate each and every one of you special thanks. Thanks to those who've been kind enough to leave the five star review, I really appreciate your kind words and I look forward to reading those and sharing them on future episodes so once again. We are joined by William Skelton the Business Development director for gyro Data West. Texas William Tell us how you got in this oil and gas business, or we're all in West Texas. I think we all ended up in it. In one way shape performer another for me. In twenty eleven, it was really about seeking a different opportunity. And it was an opportunity for me to do something that I had not done before so. You know put in an application and spoke with the district manager at the time. That's really history right? There just got on and started going new thing for me. I'd I'd been another career for ten years and really had just. Just, wanted a change so here. I am is your West Texas boy right. Yes man wellborn in Houston raised here. I've been here all my life fantastic, and so with that. Tell us what it is. You love about West. Texas, you know it's really hard to put into words. Honestly, if you're not from here, the sunsets all of the sunset love relatively mild winters. I love the fact that it's not super humid. If you've been out of West, Texas, you know what I'm talking about us. So there's you know. It's always just been owned to me. So I can imagine not liking it honestly right, so you said you were in another business for ten years decided to make that switch into oil and gas. That's kind of how I was to. Until about five years ago, I felt like everybody else was in oil and gas, except my husband and I and then made that switch. What was it that made? You make that change well out. The obvious answer to that question would be money, but it'd be honest with you i. just wanted something that was less stressful. If not can be said about the oilfield really relish learning new things and so becoming survey specialist at. Was a really good move for me. I got to learn a whole. Whole other skillset, so I embrace that and it was a great move for me. That's awesome. Say you made the switch to Gyro data? How did how was that for you going into completely new field and tell us a little bit about what your company does. Well it was to say I was nervous. would be really an understatement honestly is done other things in the oilfield like giving testing and hydro static pipeline testing, so I'd had my stint in the oil field, and when I got out to a different rear I'm not going back well. You know you say that, but I got back into it because it was really just the right move for me financially and personally and for my professional growth. I felt like it was a good move so. What we do is gyroscopic serving. That's kind of the main thing with a lot of things fall under that we also do gyro while drilling, we do orientation works such as whip star. And also realtime gyros staring. And we can also do NS, collision, modeling and monitoring. There's just a huge huge number of things that we can do with. So you've been working for the company, I believe that eleven years now. No, it'll be ten years this coming March so just over nine years awesome so over nine years. What changes have you seen in technology and just the way that you do things at data? What have you seen over the past ten years that have really been beneficial to the industry will as you will know, safeties become very not to say that it wasn't important in the beginning, so I wouldn't want to say that I would just say safety safety has come a long way from just even twenty eleven to now. Safety is huge as you not. Ben So that along with the development of you know how technologies progressed. You know we've developed a new solid state GYRO. Is Far and away GonNa? Be Really huge for us. It's already proven to reduce the ellipse of uncertainty on most surveys by fifty six percent, so it's it's huge. The development of technology and safety culture obviously has been the big are the biggest changes I've seen over the over my time. So how has your company shifted now during this pandemic wear? Obviously, you and I both know things have slowed down quite a bit in West Texas. How has it changed over the past three months? It's really been a ride to say the least you know. Obviously, we had some layoffs. Just like US companies have there's been people out there making some really hard decision It's caused us to really look inward, honestly I I know this is gonNA sound really unusual to say, but it's made us all better. It's put us all closer. We have a more interactive team than we had before. If that's possible because we were really interactive before, but now we're even more in his changed the way we contact the. Engineers out there that are like good. Gosh. I'm so tired of answering emails. Because it's the only way we can know this one of the ways we can contact people doing that and as well as contacting A. By phone, so you know, I'm not the only salesperson out here on. No, that's not. That's going through that tough patch. Because in all honesty, it's really difficult to get people to engage this planet. Right and I think that's the biggest thing were so used to. We are a very social community I would say. In the in regular times pre cove it, I should say and we're just not able to socialize like we were before you know I. Mean you and I both know I've been here twenty two years and and you know how West Texas. Are We golf together? We Barbecue together we. Now. Know, networking events, and since all that is halted, you're right. It has.

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