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Can you think of any other like psychic or even an intuition type of experience of your own that you wanNA share. I mean I. Don't know if this has anything to do with anything but this guy's name kept coming up in my life like somebody would say, do you know this guy and I go no but I've heard of his name and it happened about four or five times and then one pay this guy called me and he lived here in band and he called me. And he said, you know what? In the last year your name has come up for five times and he said it's it's like people are trying to get us to meet not to be partners or anything, but we need to need. So we set up a time and we went and just sat at his place and had tea and talked for an hour and then. There was just nothing. We neither one US could figure out why everybody wanted to to me well, and then another month or two went by and he called me again he goes okay I got it and I go. What's that? He said I heard from your father. God. And they were really and I never talked about my dad or you know talked about the problems I've had with my dad feeling like he was way too strict or you know Dad was the type that if he got home from work, I couldn't run up and jump on his lap. I. Had to ask Permission First. And So I've always had this thing you know did he made it? He not love me you know what? What is all about and So this guy called back and you said I heard from Your Dad let's get together again. So we got together and he said that he really meditates a lot and that sometimes he hears from people and sometimes he doesn't and that he heard from my Dad And he wanted my dad to tell me that he was really sorry he didn't mean to be that strict..

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