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Can build your program or your courtier service of around those but it needs to be about the immediate Then you're going to do the exact same thing but you do for their wants a little bit different so it's not just their frustration but their frustration. It's like the opposite so goes my frustration is not getting enough clients. I want to get new clients every week. So if you can fulfil that you're already have like a win right so now you can effectively do put that in your ad copy and it's almost like having that feature benefits have situation which is like sales went on one. You're able to say if you want to if you want to get clients on demand week by week and you're frustrated about not being able to find a client at all. Follow me here. And i can give you tips and tricks to help you or by program here etc. Here's this download to give you the top five tips that i found that works to get a new one new client every week etc is that allows them to go into your opt in which then allows you to up sell down so cross promote excetera and then the other aspects of the long term. So if we're talking about the immediate the frustration. The long term is like the big problem. So have you say my frustration is that i can't find a client. I can't find consistent clients. Your long-term fear is that that means i'm going to fail i'd That's like their big internal fear. What does that mean to them. That means you're a loser design that they're that they're wasting all this money to that they could have been spending to you. Know put their child through college whatever. They're big foundational. Fear is. I'm not saying you need to use that necessarily in your copy per se. But you do want to have that knowledge so whenever you say. Hey i can help you find new clients you can say i can help you find new.

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