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15 million to replace lead pipes across the country, but the EPA did not suggest an alternative and the agency hasn't commented onto the beyond plastics report. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Four 25 George Wallace dealing with numbers today. That's what we're doing today. Last week. Sometime we'll do it sometime in the future too, yeah. The Washington Post is you just heard Chelsea a few minutes ago, guys saying that the Ted Ted leons has offered the learners more than $2 billion to buy the franchise late in the last year, not really clear on whether or not the loaners rejected or simply just didn't respond Forbes estimating the deal or the nationals at $2 billion. The learner family announcing the intention to explore a sale about a year ago on the field tonight and that's Orioles wrap up their brief two game series at nationals park as it'll be Mackenzie gore for the nationals two and over the three ERA against Kyle Brady of the Orioles just after 7 o'clock first pitch. NBA playoffs news, draymond green has in fact been suspended for game number three with the kings. Tonight, Lakers grizzlies, tip things off 7 30 Memphis home down O one. The box could get Giannis back MVP had an MRI and it's been he's been upgraded to questionable with the bruised lower back heat in Milwaukee tonight leading that series one game tonight in Denver out west home to Minnesota up one O George Wallace TLP sports. All righty, thank you, George Wallace. It is

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