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The police show up because they're probably going to shoot you. These are things we talk about a good bit. But it's something for you to consider. I agree. Hey, what if you could teach a thousand women to shoot in one weekend coming up, you'll have that news. All right, that creates the H 6 6 talk gun, Tom Brady. It is gun talk. We're talking about pretty much the guns you want to talk about. I took our neighbor kid out. It's like, it's like our neighbor kid out. Yeah, we've had Nick on the show before. I went out, did a little shooting a couple days ago. He had his 70 MO 8. I had my two 84 and the funny part was the guy shooting next to us. I was shooting a two 80 AI, so we got all three cartridges together. I said, look, here's the deal. We're doing kind of the lesson deal. All our shooting 7 millimeter bullets. My two 84 year 7 MMO 8 has two 80 AI, just different velocities. Maybe just kind of interesting that we're all shooting the two ages or I'll shoot in two 84 diameter bullets. Get ready for home season, had some fun. The two 84 get the dialed in, getting there, you know, I've been struggling with this one, get a little work done by the gun smith and I'm down to one inch groups with this little lightweight rifle. It did not like the partition bullets, but it shot the 160 grain acu bonds very well. I still haven't worked to do. I'll keep you posted on that as we go along. All right, so let's bring in a fellow that we've had on the show before. He's doing some amazing work up a Detroit Rick actor joined us right now. And Rick, you are right in the middle of your event of getting all this women out to the range, aren't you? Right now, I am doing the promotion to let them know that we're having it next weekend Saturday and Sunday. Okay, so sorry from the beginning, what is the promotion? What are you doing next weekend? I am a very dedicated group of volunteers. We're putting on a personal protection weekend. We are aspiring to train as many as a thousand women how to safely operate a firearm and give them a range safety briefing. Great. You've done this before and you have kind of come up with a system almost a conveyor belt or assembly line system, but they still get individual attention. How do you do that? Man, it takes a lot of dedicated professional trained manpower fellow firearms instructors and range safety officers. We bring them into the gun range, two gun ranges at the same time across town, man. We bring them in. It's pre appointed scheduled times. We give them a quick half hour range safety briefing and we pair them up one on one with a credential firearms instructor. We have them shoot. We give them a target and they're smiles all over the gun range. So what do they have to bring? What do they have to contribute to the cause? A positive attitude and a willingness to try. We provide everything, the range time, the firearm, the ammunition, safety glasses, earplugs, target silhouettes, the gun, man, all they need to do is bring a healthy curiosity and we'll take it from there. I can actually hear you smile as we're talking. You love this, don't you? Man, it is the single most project that I have ever done that brings me the most joy to see people who are a little uncertain as to what's going to happen and you see the end result at the end, smiling faces and target silhouettes with holes in them. How long have you been doing it and why did you do this in the first place? This is our 11th annual event of this nature and I started it 11 years ago after seeing unfortunately a distressing story in our local news media. A woman's body after she had been raped and killed was found on the street, man. And I thought that someone should do something about that. And so this is my contribution as far as generating a solution. You know, honestly, Rick, a lot of people look at stories and say, someone should do something about that. What made you decide that you were the one? You know, this situation just vexed me for so long, man. And I talked to a good friend of mine, Ken Blanchard, black man with a gun dot com. Man, he encouraged me to, you know, this crazy idea I had about training women for free and I followed it and pursued it, man. And I haven't stopped. And I'm going to keep doing it as long as I can. Who pays for the ammo who pays for all this? Oh man, see, that's a question I wasn't expecting, but let me tell you, dedicated, volunteers, sponsors, ammo companies, gun organizations, the gun owners of America, National Rifle Association, people that I'm connected to in social media, that contact me, they make donations, by the way, they hit us up at info at Detroit CCW on PayPal or they'll contribute, I have another payment option set up on other sites, just search for my name in the program, and if they want to support by all means help us out every little bit helps. It's Rick actor EK TOR, right? It's like vector without the V okay. I can't spill where the flip. Okay, so question. Give us a briefing on what's going on in Detroit. Now that conceal carry is much more popular Detroit, it's always been known for decades as a crime city, but I keep hearing reports of people using guns to defend themselves. Yeah, man, we have a perpetual problem here in the city of Detroit like we do in a lot of major urban centers all across the country. I don't claim that this solution is the panacea for all of our problems, man. But for the specific problem of innocent victims being attacked by violent criminals, especially women, this is my contribution to having that problem solved.

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