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Like right directly in the flight path for helicopters flying in and out of D.C.. Told us the dog barking at deliveries high level intellectual conversation. Some gambling talk, talking with athletes, celebrities, musicians, and more. Also, we got my guy Stanford Steve rode shotgun, trying to keep me out of the ditches. Download and subscribe to SV pod wherever you get your podcast. We certainly appreciate review subscribe. All that good stuff. Really appreciate coach Napier joining us and I have to say, even though we have talked to him a couple of times, I thought he was he was extraordinary in his approach, very deliberate, very meticulous. And a different attitude about recruiting, especially. He didn't say that much in terms of words, but I thought he said a great deal, it's going to be a different era. That's Laura. They've had success there, but they haven't been able to sustain it. It just feels like this is a different time. Let's get some more thoughts and calls and heath is up next in Birmingham, a hell of heath. Hey, Paul. Hi there. I was just going to get your thoughts on how Jordan Davis underperformed in the SEC championship, but he's supposed to be the best player in the nation and ended up not being in the Heisman race. Well, heath ultimately, none of those guys did very well. And I think you find out that we have said this about will Anderson he's almost a one man wrecking crew, but we found out those Georgia guys working concert and none of them seemed like they were they distinguished themselves from anyone else. It was fairly it was incredibly disappointing performance to say the least. We got a tweet here. This is unfortunate billionaire is going to be much harder disliked than Dan Mullen. I agree. I mean, this guy does not I mean, you know, Dan moan, you either love the guy or you hated him. There was no in between. This guy, I don't want to say who he reminds me of. I'll just let you folks figure out who you think he reminds you of. But I heard a lot in that interview that pointed in a specific direction. Let's check out big Dave in South Carolina. Hello big Dave. Hey, Paul, I hope you're having a good day. Thank you. My son was Billy's right tackling room, made it farming. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, I was now Billy back then we knew that he would achieve something great. And I think he's done that and I think it's a home run hire for Florida. Yeah, I came away I thought he was he unlike Brent venables who went ahead and out at every school that he has dealt with in the past, Billy Napier was circumspect. And he could have had three or four jobs last year. And we all thought he was waiting for the right fee and where he thought he could be successful. And I think he's higher. The only problem I'll never say ever, but I guess I am now. Yeah, it's interesting. I can tell you there's some people out there in the SEC right now who are less than pleased to see him land at Florida from a specific recruiting standpoint. And he has a way. And I think we'll learn more in the future and at some point, pretty good idea of some of the schools that he held off because he wanted to make sure he got the right offer. Let's go to Andy and Tennessee. Hello, Andy. Hello, how you doing, Paul? Hey there. Listen. I'm sitting here looking at the non bowl games SEC are going to play in. I think I represent about 70% of your listeners and maybe about 10% of your callers and that I have one favorite team, Alabama, rot, and then it's an SEC baby. I'm talking about I won't be able to be successful. And with our two teams, our two top teams go into the playoffs, it seems like we've ratcheted it down to our third teams playing somebody else's second team and now I'm wondering then we're going to get coughed in this fiscal analysis that says the SEC is not any good. Well, that's ridiculous. Andy, the real issue in the ball game is who's going to show up and that players across the country are bailing out even for the rose bowl. Do you own or rent your home? Sure you do. Fortunately, Geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard.

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