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Ten cent is looking to increase its investment in the battle royale genre. The South China Morning post today reported that the Chinese firm is in talks with electric arts should bring a respond entertainment developed, apex. Legends to China. Ten tencent already handles Chinese distribution for a number of battery. I titles most notably fortnight parentheses from epic games in which tencent holes minority stake and and player unknowns battlegrounds. Can you imagine having so much money? Yeah. In a country with so many people that you could just be like, hey over there in America. There's something's making all the money which going to bring him here. We got it going to pay for that too. Then make insane amounts of money here. Yeah, they have four and and. Gee at her trying to get a legend good for go, get them tense. It's interesting. You know, tencent was we've talked about him every so often there was that undercurrent of news for a while about how they couldn't publish games for a while in China. And it was that thing of their profits are falling, and it was the concern that if they toppled they bring a lot of American companies with them because they have minority stakes things way epic and majority to that cleared up there doing that again. So here we are back to it back to business as usual, just keep getting apex legend, speaking of apex ledges and James industry, biz James bachelor talks about this. There's a lot of people watching people play apex. Legends the free to play battle royale title, achieved the fourth highest single views in five years. Thanks to the twitch rivals event arranged by developer respond and the streaming from earlier this week on February twelfth apex. Legends fans.

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