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And that was it for this episode of tips from the top floor. Thanks again to our sponsors Honey book and shaper for the support. If you like this episode or any avail, the ones make sure you tell your friends about it. That's the best way word of mouth the by far best way to help. Keep tips on the top floor in the mind of people. You can of course, also support me directly and buy me a coffee. Go to T F T dot com slash coffee to find out more. That's Tf TDF dot com slash coffee. Musical the show by Jeff Smith signed partner, hence bit a publishing and slack challenges by pretty spec-, Matt reservoir. I'm said slacking mutations by chief imitations officer, Seattle, rusty Russ. And of course, put the link to the T F T F slack in the show notes. So you can go and discuss photography with other listeners. My name is Chris awkward, you'll find me on social media, including still mastered. Hon at Chris MARTA, a are. DT now, go out and take photos. Share them with the world. Be nice to each other. And heavy shooting. Rain. The. Heavy rain. The.

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