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Iowa learned Maura Iowa board dot org's now lie. This's the Budweiser halftime report. Hawkeye's alarm clock went off on time today, and they have not only gobbled up breakfast. They've eaten Michigan State's lunch to this point, The rout is on its 35. Nothing hot guys at at the intermission at halftime. Iowa's got two rushing touchdowns. Iowa has a touchdown pass from Beatrice Brandon Smith in return for a touchdown. Way to go. Charlie Jones Riley Moss, a pick six. They've shown up every possible way. Well, you know, they're playing with such enthusiasm to it just seems like Michigan State. We've been controlling the line of scrimmage on both offense and defense. We haven't done the last two weeks. Really? Decided to come with their a game today, and we're not selling Michigan State shorter. They were 24 a half point underdog at Michigan last week that when they came in here Ah, negative. Minus 4.5. There are only 4.5 Point dog today and Hawkeye's came out. Grab this game by the throat right from the get Go in Michigan State deferred after winning the coin toss. Yeah, on the thing. It was real impressive is away the offensive line. We didn't have a lot of running place because we scored. The other methods that you control the line of scrimmage. Really? Well, that's big. We'll look at those numbers in a minute. Budweiser halftime show rolls on after this word, Iowa 35 Michigan State Nothing. This is Hawkeye football from Deerfield, I MG college. You guys.

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